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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blues Run The Game

A few days ago I made the following remark a propos Israeli ultra-orthodox Jews:

One can only suppose that orthodox Jews in Britain feel vulnerable as a minority within a minority, whereas in Israel Jews run the game (apologies to Jackson C Frank for the pun).

It occurs to me that a reference which would have been obvious in my younger days probably needs a gloss now. Which also gives me an excuse to link some amazing cover versions of what was once a folk club standard.

OK. To begin at the beginning. Here is Jackson C Frank performing his most famous song (probably more famous than him: a lot of people must know it with no clue as to its author). he does it so well, it's a marvel that there are any worthwhile cover versions: but there are, as we shall see.

Here are Simon and Garfunkel making the song their own:

There are various versions of the song by Bert Jansch, but this one is a bit special as it has Al Stewart on second guitar:

Equally special for different reasons, here is Nick Drake adding his unique stamp to the song:

And moving away from the usual suspects, here are Counting Crows demonstrating that the song is still very much alive.


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