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Monday, May 23, 2011

What is it about 9/11 that brings out the crazies?

When I started looking for 9/11 stuff over at at Bare Naked Islam I found a treasure trove of revealing stuff from the commenters, usually with BNI her/itself nodding approvingly:

From the comments on a BNI post on Sept 11th 2009:

Exterminate Islam says:
September 12, 2009 at 2:51 PM

yeah yeah, there are alleged “good muslims” but I never hear them say there are good jews and christians!

I read online about Osama wanting to make a national day for sept 11th, but of course, not mention what his fellow MUSLIMS did on that day. I say we declare it National “Whack a muslim day!” You take a big club, and bash a muslim over the head with it! I went out of my way yesterday to make the two terrorists at my workplace uncomfortable. I felt so good when I left work!

barenakedislam says:
September 12, 2009 at 3:10 PM

Good for you, EI! What did you do to them?

Exterminate Islam says:
September 12, 2009 at 3:39 PM

oh lets see, we talked about airiplanes alot, (loudly) did impressions of the only muslim I ever liked, Achmed the dead terrorist.

Did their famous war cry followed by allah-aKABOOM!

Several of us made a point to bring pork and beans and ham sandwiches to work, and sat at the table next to them…even offering to share our lunch with them. (for some reason they left the cafeteria without a word, how rude)

Talked like Apu from the Simpsons when addressing them. (that really set them off)

Asked them if camels get more gas mileage than SUVS and or asked how their Uncle Osama was doing these days, still hiding in those caves

One of my co workers started talking about goats, I told him to keep quiet, certain people standing nearby may get aroused, and we dont have any 10 yr old virgins handy to appease them

Unfortuantley for them, one fo our other co workers was in Iraq in 91, and speaks perfect arabic. He overhead them muttering on the to the parking lot after work. “damn infidels have no respect for the superior race”

That remark is really going to cost them come monday.

We had a blast! Best day of work I ever had!

barenakedislam says:
September 12, 2009 at 4:11 PM

So sorry I missed it, EI. Well done!

The "superior race" comment seems really probable, don't you think? Because as these people love to remind us, Islam isn't a "race" but a religion. For the nigger-bashers at BNI, though, the religious bit is irrelevant: it's the skin colour that matters.

A year later, on Sep 11 2010 "AmericanMe" posted

...Our prez did not even go to or Ground zero today instead he went to the Pentagon, bloody coward)....

Because, you know, nobody died in the Pentagon on Sept 11th and deserves commemoration, right?

On the same day, "waterwillows" commented:

.....I was watching CNN coverage of the Memorial Service for 9/11 victims.

Here we have, some interviewer talking with one of the family members about the building of a mosque. Naturally, the family did not want this to happen at this site.

The brain-dead interviewer says; well we just can’t place what happened on over one billion people.

DUH……DUH? Does this guy live on Pluto? Of course we can do so. There is no reason in the world not to do so. Does it really matter if it were five thousand or one billion? ..... That was without a doubt one of the truely clueless statements I have ever heard a interviewer make.
I for one, have no intention of abandoning my reason just to suit the hate mongers of this world. (My bolding - LOL!)

Finally, we return to the first comment stream I quoted. Here is a true gem from "rebekah", exemplifying the mental state of the BNI cultists, their Fred Phelps-y religious craziness (I had hoped they would all have committed suicide when they weren't raptured, but no such luck) and their lack of grammar, punctuation, and any linguistic facility other than WRITING IN CAPITALS.

Today my heart and Prayers to Yahushua (Christ Jesus) are with all those who lost someone dear to them on that horrible day 9/11. I will not and do not intend to debate w/ anyone but I will try and warn all who will listen and heed what I am about to share. As even the Holy Word of Yahweh (Almighty God) has been so invaded that few even those who have been faithful and attended church every Sunday are not taught the truth. They are taught what the Illuminati, Freemasins, and those in high positions of the Vatican have wanted you to know. What we fail to do is to seek Yahushua ourselves asking HIM for truth in all things. Well in order to know one’s end they must first come to know the beginning. People tend to look for the Anti-Christ as if he will only come as one man. Yes there will be one satan in the flesh but look he does not work alone. He has an earthly and non earthly body of those serving him. Sadly they are not those you cross paths with going about your day although many are among us that appear to be human just as we are. They are not!! When someone has come forth with a story of the truth such as being abducted by aliens and seeing UFOs when throughout the years books and books have been written along with proof that there are underground covert bases with both aliens and military they have not been lying. The Illuminati is a bloodline a satanic bloodline, I know because after a lifetime of suffering satanic ritual abuse, abductions and missing pieces of time the LORD has revealed many things to me over the past three and a half years. These aliens as you call them are really fallen angels. I don’t care what they tell you they never have anything good in store for you. Islam is a religion created by satan. The time is drawing nigh and I pray I am wrong in what the LORD has shown me about the END TIMES. What I do know is they will be far different than what you are learning at your local church. We do not elect our government and haven’t for the past hundred years. It does not matter if they are Democrat or Republican they are Illuminati. Obama races forth at lightning speed to totally destroy this nation and bring all who live in it under Marxism. They are starting to put their agenda in your face you might say, they have intentionally and with laid out percision printed useless money as this is their way of bringing about one world currency and then we have the bringing into this nation Muslims who hate our way of life and NO! they have no intention of fitting in. Obama knows this as well. Actually they all know it from both Bushes, the Clintons, the list goes on and on people. Oh yes they do a couple of good things as this is only a front because if people knew what and who they worshipped behind closed doors it would do more than blow your freakin’ socks off. There are some good politicians I think but if so they are hard to see. Although my hat is off to Joe Wilson for having the balls to call Obama the liar he is. Sad for him as he really is no more than a puppet as he will find himself expendable when they have finished with him. They will all go to hell if they fail to repent and turn back to Yahweh. Soon they will want to micrchip every person living in the U.S. and they plan to do this by 2012. Actually with the flu vaccine which they intended to make mandatory until Praise the LORD enough people said, NO WAY!!! What is even sadder is people believe they can watch their local news and find out what is really happening in their world!!! Well I am sorry their is no truth more diluted than this. Do not take that killer vaccine. O h yes they will put some Dr. who has been bought on TV. to tell you it is safe and yet those who created the vaccine as they did the flu will not take it. Wake up!! People as you are being led to the slaughter and it is sad you go without more than a whimper. These evil and wicked people although I use that term lightly know that if they make things bad and hard enough they can get the sheeple to go anywhere. You are fighting for your very survival and the survival of your children. If you don’t fight you will die anyway and so I say it is better to die fighting. You think you are too smart for mind control yet you are so very mind controlled. The technologies they have for this are just too numerous to mention some of the simpler ones are what you watch, hear and see. The far more advanced ones you won’t be aware of all these towers going up with flashing lights on them and they tell you it is for the cell phones. You would throw yours away if you knew the truth. When you find yourself having to flee to the mountains and hide I suggest you do throw them away far from where you plan on being. Prepare stock up on canned goods, water ect. Learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness as soon those of us who refuse the NEW WORLD ORDER will have to be prepared. Resist even unto death as hell is a real place just as Heaven is. America is Babylon and if you understood symbology you would see the signs everywhere. Your dollar bill with the pyramid and the all seeing eye. satan’s phalice as a monument in Washington. There are many do some research and do it quickly as we are about to see the crushing of that freedom also. They deny the internment camps completed across this nation but if they are a lie why is there on the internet ads for the recruitment of officers to fill these positions. Know this I pray just like I said that I am wrong but I am not wrong as I was born into this satanic bloodline and sacrificed to satan and his fallen angels as a child. They have tried all my life to destroy me or better yet kill me. Yahushua has kept me throough all of it and bringing me out was not an easy task. Yahweh created the host of the heavens and most Christians believe that means the stars, moon and sun w/all the planets which is truth nothing is created outside of HIM. He meant it when HE said, “Woe unto the inhabitants of earth for satan has been cast down.” satan and his minions (fallen angels). And they looked upon the daughters of men and thought them fair and began simply put breeding w/them. This happened not only before the flood but after as well. Says it in GOD’S word KNOW that it is true. Why has the Bible excluded the Books of Enoch, Jasher and the list goes on? Because get this they did not want you to have this knowledge. Some of what has been written and rewritten has been lost in translations. FATHER told me one day while giving me a revelation that HE is a GOD of mercy not sacrifice. It is our choice, as I am tired of Christians who think we are all a bunch of cookie cutters. King David, Gideon, and throughout the word of GOD there were mighty warriors. Yahushua (Christ Jesus) himself is a MAN of WAR!! MIGHTY GOD!! WONDERFUL COUNSELOR!!! OUR PRINCE of PEACE that is a peace that surpasses all understanding meaning in HIM is our peace not lay down and let the forces of evil trample you to nothing. Now what caused me to share all this is not only that it is my sincere prayer for people to wake up but also when I checked my emails this morning there was a vulgar message from someone who reads this site and know that if you visit this site you are indeed being watched, followed and monitored. I have been all my life and I want the demonic freak to know your sick little message did nothing in frightening me.
Even satan if it came from you yourself!!!! FOR GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME than he that is in the world. Keep your sick little messages to yourself. One day we will not only be up against Islam as we are now but one day we will see UFOs (more of them) they will not be able to hide them behind some kind of disinformation and you will know that all I have shared with you today to be the truth. You will see them come from underground covert bases and what is so sad and frightening is right now as I type this several hundred thousand missing people mostly children are suffering torment and torture beyond the worst nightmares and yet over three hundred thousand pulpits remain silent. You can heed what I have told you today or you can call me a lunatic as this world is not my home I am just like everyone is only passing through. Do not believe these people that claim to have these galatic beings channel through them speaking peace they and these beings are liars and quite good at it I must admit. satan’s greatest trick was in convincing man he did not exist. Well he does and there are a slew of powerful, wealthy elite serving him. Ask Yahweh and Yahushua to lead you to the truth in all things stop believing everything some man or woman tells you from behind a pulpit. YAH it is my fervent prayer on this day that you will begin opening the eyes of a people cheated and decieved of YOUR truth. Have mercy FATHER, help and protect us. For all the atrocities satan’s minions have devised for the populous let them be sent back upon them seven-fold. In the PRECIOUS name of YOUR SON YAHUSHUA this I ask. Amen! Amen! Amen! Evil prevails when good people do nothing. Or when one says, ” I can only do little and does nothing.” If we keep our backs turned to GOD HE will be gracious and turn HIS back to us. It ‘aint Allah.

Wow. I mean, wow! Mind control, flu created by the Illuminati, alien abductions, internment camps across America..... and she claims to have been sacrificed to Satan as a child. Her brain, maybe.... I am prepared to bet she was really surprised no to be taken up to heaven in a spaceship last Saturday.


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