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Monday, May 16, 2011

We come in peace : shoot to kill

I was watching the TV without sound at the gym today, and saw in the scrolling news bar something along the lines of MIDDLE EAST: hundreds of protestors shot, some killed, by troops in ...... I fully expected the next word to be "Syria", or "Yemen", or possibly even "Iran". But no, it was Israel, that bastion of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

I am aware that Israel needs to maintain law and order and to protect its borders, but one would think this might be possible for a technologically advanced nation without the need to shoot children. Just saying.

The most revealing quote from that report was from Benyamin Netanyahu. "He said that the "Nakba Day" protesters were not fighting for the 1967 borders as they claim, but were denying Israel's right to exist." because he'd know that better than the protestors themselves (unable to argue on account of, you know, being dead).

I am aware that later in the report the PM of Gaza called for the end of the state of Israel. However, I don't see Ismail Haniyeh among those marching at the Israeli border so what does that prove?

And as this article points out very cogently, ultimately what does it matter?

Meanwhile, consider the way in which the killing of protestors in Iran and Syria have been reported recently, and consider the media presentation of today's killings by Israel. Anyone still believe that the BBC or the British press has some kind of bias against Israel?


At 19 May, 2011 20:42, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I can understand how both sides feel their views are the 'right' ones. Sorry for all those caught in the middle trying to persuade others.


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