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Monday, May 23, 2011

The unspeakable in praise of the indefensible

I was moderately impressed by Barack Obama's speech last week on Middle East policy. Of course it remains to be seen whether he actually backs up the fine words with action, but if he does he might - just might - go down in history as the first US President since Eisenhower to stand up to an Israeli government rather than meekly following its orders.

I had to laugh, though, at Benyamin Netanyahu's response in which he described Israel's 1967 borders (i.e. Israel) as "indefensible". So after all the money the USA has poured into Israel's arsenal over more than sixty years, and after all the illegal WMDs they have developed with it, he's saying that the IDF are so incompetent at "defence" that they couldn't protect Israel if it had the borders which were good enough for it for the first nineteen years of its existence. (No wonder they were so keen to invade their neighbours and grab their territory.) The IDF's reluctance to attack without a collection of civilians (preferably children) to use as human shields is well-known, but I had imagined that they could at least do the basic job for which they are paid - protecting Israel's borders - without whingeing. I stand corrected.


At 24 May, 2011 12:32, Anonymous Atlanta Roofing said...

The collusion between Israel and the US is great and will work in favor of Palestinians. We would have gotten shafted in any negotiations that the US “brokered.” We are probably at most years away from Palestinians telling the US that it is no longer welcome to negotiate anything on their behalf. That will be the first major step towards liberation. For whatever reason, no matter how many nobles Israelis like to point out that they have they were too stupid to realize that a 2-state solution would have screwed Palestinians yet benefited Israel greatly, their stupidity worked in our favor too.

At 26 May, 2011 17:26, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Yea, it worked out in '67, didn't it?
Perhaps the UN will help more, declare them a state and get in the middle.


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