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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Queen shows insufficient loyalty to Tony Blair so may have to be abolished

Uncle Jimmy is pretty funny as well right now. Not only is he still fuming over the "outrage" of Tony Blair's not being invited to the royal wedding, he now insists that an even greater crime of lèse-majesté has been committed because on her state visit to Ireland the Queen failed to pay the proper homage to Tony Blair. Of course, this being Yankee Doodle Jimmy, not only is our antiquated royal family at fault but the beastly biased BBC is colluding in a wicked plot to prevent Tony Blair's key role in graciously permitting Her Majesty to visit from being aired.

Now those with long memories may remember Tony Blair. (Failed politician. Sacked as PM and instantly threw a tantrum and refused to represent his loyal constituents any more as they weren't offering to pay him millions of pounds a day to speak to them. Left country in disgrace and has hardly ever returned. Spends most of his time either hanging out with billionaires, or in Israel, or both.) Those who paid particular attention during the Blairite nightmare may have noticed that after years during which John Major had patiently brought the feuding parties in both the North and South of Ireland together and sketched out a peace process, Tony Blair waltzed into Downing Street, swanned over to Ireland, presided over a few signatures and then claimed the whole thing was his work alone. (Behaved as usual, in other words.) Not to bow the knee to the memory of this egotistical jackass, but to concentrate on the first visit to Ireland by a British monarch since the place received its independence (and no, Blair doesn't claim to have had a hand in that) - well, that's the evil anti-Blair press for you.

As befits a conspiracy theorist who believes that Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim and that Osama bin Laden's death was faked to improve President Obama's poll ratings, Jimmy believes that the royal family and the BBC are colluding in a plot to "destroy" Tony Blair. How - or why - they would try to destroy someone who no longer has any role in British politics or British life is supposed to be too obvious to need stating, but I think Jimmy imagines that the royal family are jealous of Blair's place in the nation's hearts. LOL.

OK not quite as funny as the sight of the BNI morons shooting themselves in the feet, but close.


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