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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Modified Rapture

Well, it didn't happen. Jesus didn't Hoover up all the Christian fundies leaving a more rational, kinder Earth behind. Still, the rapture-that-wasn't provided a number of good jokes, of which this one (taken from the Facebook page of Jonathan Schwartz) is my favourite.

And now I will have to dig out my copy of When Prophecy Fails and re-read it.


At 22 May, 2011 14:48, Blogger Persephone said...

Well, I'm still here. I didn't think they'd take a Unitarian theist, but I did wonder about my husband and younger daughter, both practising Anglicans. Turns out Jesus didn't want them either. Sigh. I trust you saw this?

At 23 May, 2011 02:39, Blogger Rob said...

Indeed I did. One has to admire their entrepreneurial spirit (aka "take the fundies for every penny the fools haven't given away yet").

At 23 May, 2011 02:42, Blogger Rob said...

Anyway, Anglicans are practically Catholics, so obviously unrapturable. (I'm nominally Anglican, but in practice much closer to Unitarian: but then my student days practising ritual magic probably didn't do much for my chances.......)

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