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Sunday, May 08, 2011

History Fail

Oh for God's sake.....

Uncle Jimmy is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the pretense that he's British.

On May 1st he was still banging on about the dreadful injustice of his idol's not having been invited to William and Kate's wedding here. He even moaned that the Wikipedia entry on the death of the Princess of Wales makes no mention of Tony Blair. Because we all know the whole of human history came to a point with the birth of Tony Blair.

Still, every now and then he comes out with some fantasy view of English history that utterly banishes the notion that he actually learned it in a British school, and convinces me that he's an American whose knowledge of Britain is gained from Fox News or children's comics. (Hard to tell the difference really.) Take this gem:

Oliver Cromwell was a prime mover in the execution of Charles 1st, since when other monarchs have dropped that unlucky name on ascending to the throne.

Leaving aside the "Charles 1st" solecism (those of us more used to monarchs use cardinal Roman numerals rather than Arabic ordinal numbers, dear), let's have a brief quiz. What was the name of the king who came to the throne after Cromwell's dictatorship ended? That is, the very next monarch to ascend the throne after the execution of Charles I. Was it (a) Henry (b) Albert (c) Osama (d) Charles ?


And since then, how many monarchs named Charles have ascended the throne (and dropped the unlucky name)?


Though if the present Prince of Wales inherits the throne before he dies he has said he will reign as George VII rather than Charles III. (I wish he'd gone for Arthur II, or Louis, personally. I mean, King Louis: how cool would that be?)

UPDATE: Fried mahooga has pointed out that however awesome it would be to have a King Louis, Charles doesn't have Louis as one of his names (Charles Philip Arthur George). I was mixing him up with William, who (as the nation was reminded during the marriage ceremony) DOES have Louis as a name. Maybe he'll opt for Louis I rather than William V.


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