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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bless thee, thou art translated

I recently found this gem of translation on the Web.

Also this, which I must look out for as we're off to Mallorca in a couple of months.

Which all put me in mind of this wonder which I recall from my student days:

Important: Albadoro Cannelloni do not ought to boil.

1. Bring in cannelloni, as they are, a stuffing maked with beef, eggs, cheese parmigiano, papper or spices, as you like, all well amalgamated ad juicy.

2. Besmear a backing-pan, previously buttered, with a good tomato-sauce and after, dispose the cannelloni, lightly distanced between them, in a only couch. At last, for a safe success in cooking, shed the remnant sauce, possibly diluted with broth, as far as to cover the surface of cannelloni.

3. Add puffs of butter and grated cheese, cover the backing-pan, and put her into the oven, previously warmed at 180/200 centigrade degrees above zero.

4. Cook for about an half of hour at the same temperature without to uncover the backing-pan and after, to help at table.

My favourite part was always the "Centigrade degrees above zero" . Because, pace Heston Blumental, liquid nitrogen makes for lousy pasta.


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