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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Beauty Parlor's Filled With Bloggers

A few weeks ago I posted a guess-the-Dylan-songs-from-the-lyric-fragments (or, as Phil complained, "shards") quiz. Six of the fifteen songs were identified by my well-informed fans, which is slightly fewer than I'd hoped: I didn't want the quiz to be too easy, knowing that there are some major Dylan buffs out there, but had hoped to get about 50% answered. As I commented, being brutally honest with myself that's about what I would have got, and several of my favourite Dylan songs are in the list. Huge thanks to all who gave it their best shot.

Before publishing the answers, there is the little matter of what links them. Phil may have eventually given up on the lyrics, but with not too much hinting from me he did eventually twig that the fifteen songs in my quiz form the set list for most of Dylan's 1966 world tour, and specifically for the 17 May concert in Manchester's Free Trade Hall, memorable for two reasons: (1) someone in the audience shouted "Judas!" at Dylan (2) I was there.

As Phil pointed out, 17 May is next Tuesday. Perhaps more to the point, if you turn around and peer into the distance, it's nearly 45 years ago.

1. My very last piece of gum
Fourth Time Around (guessed by Phil)

2. Can I come home with you?
Baby Let Me Follow You Down

3. The hunchback of Notre Dame
Desolation Row (guessed by Lisa)

4. Leave your stepping-stones behind
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

5. The sidewalk and the sign
One Too Many Mornings

6. It was raining from the first
Just Like A Woman (guessed by Persephone)

7. Her skirt it swayed
I Don't Believe You

8. A walking antique
She Belongs To Me

9. Your steam drill
Tell Me, Momma

10. You’re invisible
Like A Rolling Stone (guessed by Phil)

11. On the D Train
Visions Of Johanna (guessed by Phil)

12. Like a mattress
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

13. The haunted, frightened trees
Mr Tambourine Man (guessed by Phil)

14. Go watch the geek
Ballad Of a Thin Man

15. If you’re lookin' to get silly
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues


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