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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Alpha Male - Update

I went to the hospital on Thursday to have my lungs fully examined so they could determine how much damage my A1AD has already caused and get a baseline by which to judge any future deterioration. So I spent Thursday morning variously blowing slowly into tubes, blowing quickly into tubes, breathing oxygen-helium mix at various rates, breathing Ventolin through a face mask, and being X-rayed. Then I went to see a chest consultant, who decleared my chest to be pretty much clear (within the healthy range on all the measures, albeit right at the bottom end on one, though the Ventolin seemed to sort that). My X-ray was clear too: so thus far, my problems seem to be mainly related to my being a fat slob rather than my being a diseased fat slob.

Which is good news, though it does mean that I have to blame my lifestyle rather than my genes for most of my health problems. A situation not unlike Alex Salmond's: after the good news of the parliamentary majority, the realisation that from here on there's nowhere to shift the responsibility for any failure.

Time to fire up that treadmill......


At 08 May, 2011 16:35, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Chip and I are now proud owners of a Wii fit. We are doing a minimum of 45 min a day each.

So far so good - but it is a long slog for 'old folks' like us to get back into shape!

We'll be thinking of you and your efforts! Glad to hear that so far your lungs are pretty clear.


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