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Friday, April 01, 2011

A wonderful gift from Uncle Jimmy

Over at Peter Reynolds's blog, normally a blissed out gathering place for campaigners for cannabis law reform (and Amen to that) there is a wee bit stooshie going on, as they say round these parts. Peter recently ran a post on Israeli attacks on Gaza with which I find myself largely in agreement, though I wish his blanket condemnation of "Israel" had found room to remember the hundreds of thousands of Israelis, Jew and non-Jew alike, who want nothing to do with their government's occupation policies (and many of whom are in jail as a result).

Anyway, the comments are probably more interesting than the original post (sorry, Peter, but they are!). I'm quite sure Peter knew what he was doing when he wrote the piece and that his less-than-tactful (however accurate) language was meant to draw out the Crazionist trolls. It certainly did that, though at a quick glance he seems to have had similar numbers of supporters and critics. I've been adding my tuppence-worth, in some instances locking horns with Stan Rosenthal, whom you may remember from his comments here. Stan keeps wrong-footing me, one minute displaying the kind of ugly Zionist bigotry that you'd switch seats on a train to avoid, the next showing a surprising degree of humility and engagement with the facts. I shouldn't really be surprised: he does that in his comments here too. If I met him I'd probably find him quite likeable, though if the conversation were to stray to Tony Blair or Israel/Palestine it would be a very different story.

As Uncle Jimmy (aka BlairSupporter) and Peter Reynolds comment on each other's blogs quite a bit, Jimmy's arrival in the comment stream was a foregone conclusion. Equally predictable was that we'd end up going head to head. I print our exchange below (it started with a comment of mine to Stan) as it includes (1) one of the very few times you're likely to see me apologise to Jimmy for anything and (2) a priceless comment of Jimmy's which distils into a few dozen lines everything about him.

Incidentally, I've only just spotted that Jimmy hides behind two different aliases in this thread.

======== From the comment stream at Peter Reynolds ===========

BlairSupporter March 30, 2011 at 13:04

@ einekleineRob. Kind of busy right now but I hope to find time later to respond more fully to your politically and historically illiterate nonsense. Unless someone else does in the meantime.

I quote you:

“…decribe Muslims as cannibalistic paedophiles who carry out human sacrifice (as on KeeptonyBlairForPM’s blog)”

This blaming of me for posting this INFORMATION, not invention, as is invariably the case with kleine Rob, is a LIE.

It is a lie that I ever mentioned it. As to whether or not it happened, I leave that to you to judge.
I did link at my blog to a video of a child beheading a man. It came from another site which also had the cannibal videos. I saw the video links, but to be blunt, I haven’t looked at the videos. I can manage without seeing too much of this Islamist barbarism.

And I did NOT refer to the cannibal link at my blog.

Imho, Rob is a habitual liar. For often being personally abusive I have banned him from my site.

Trouble with Rob (and Peter too in regards to comparing Israel to Islam, is that they are selective. (I suppose we ALL are in a way.) BUT there is NO doubt – NO DOUBT WHATSOVER unless one is deaf and blind as well as stupid – that there is only one ‘religion’ that kills throughout the world in the name of God/Allah. Israel action that results in death is self-protective. When was the last time you heard of Jewish people blowing people up in countries throughout the world? It happens literally every day from the actions of “Muslims”.

[There follow a few video links which I have omitted - Rob]


EineKleineRob March 31, 2011 at 03.20

BlairSupporter: first of all I haven’t looked at any of the “Jihad Porn” videos which I assume you found over at BareNakedIslam where they love nothing more than posting videos of beheadings and such. (another today, I see.) Doesn’t turn me on though it clearly gets you all excited.

No, my reference was to your post back on 13 Feb 2009 entitled Twenty Facts About Islam Every Infidel Should Know. I went back and checked it and – well, it proves I’m not infallible because I made a mistake. You – or more precisely the piece you cross-posted – didn’t refer to cannibalism (though you did accuse Muslims of being paedophiles who conduct human sacrifice). So I apologise: you did not, in your post of 13 Feb 2009, accuse Muslims of beng cannibals.

However I note that where you quote my mistake you say:
“This blaming of me for posting this INFORMATION, not invention, as is invariably the case with kleine Rob, is a LIE”

So you do, in fact, stand by the statement that Muslims are cannibals: that is what “INFORMATION, not invention” means.

Now let me get this straight. I accused you of describing Muslims as cannibalistic paedophiles who carry out human sacrifice. I have found the references to prove that you described them as the last two, but have had to admit that I was wrong to claim you described them as cannibals. However, you now reckon that my original description of your view is correct, and it is just my saying that you REFERRED to it on 19th February that is a mistake (or, as you regard it, a lie).

I think it was worth having to admit a piece of carelessness and to have to apologise, even to someone as deeply unpleasant as you, to obtain confirmation in your own words of your loathsome bigotry. Thank you.

“Imho, Rob is a habitual liar.”

Says the man who has just posted a comment at BareNakedIslam stating that British people are all ultra-leftist homosexuals.

In a comment thread about a British Islamophobic ranter who apparently is gay, we find:

BlairSupporter says: March 28, 2011 at 7:01 PM

Murray appears occasionally, not enough imho, on British current affairs programmes. He is generally thought of as “extreme” right here. Britain is so far left as to make Murray seem sexually straight!

“For often being personally abusive I have banned him from my site.”

The “personal abuse” consisted of my insisting on referring to BS as a racist, and from the comment above it is beyond doubt that he is. (The remarks on his own blog included descriptions of Asian immigrants as “animals”, and his contrasting British Muslims with “the indigenous population”!)

If you don’t like being called a racist, fool, first you have to stop making racist remarks. I realise that may be hard for you to grasp, but work with me here. Then you might consider being more muted in your fulsome praise for the “honest reporting” of BareNakedIslam, which is a white supremacist hate site where post headlines in the last few days have included “ARROGANT, ILLEGAL, TUNISIAN MUSLIM SCUM flooding Italy, bringing disease, making demands” and “SMELL IT? It’s called ‘Pakistench,’ the stink of British Pakistani Muslims fouling the streets“. Mmm, yes, no racism there, much.

Truly, BlairSupporter, to be called “politically and historically illiterate” by one such as you is a badge of honour which I delight to wear. At least now everyone can see you for what you are.


keeptonyblairforpm March 31, 2011 at 23.37

Having fun letting the world see you for the fool you are, Rob? At least you are keeping your foul-mouthed abuse in check. That’s progress.

I have more important matters to see to right now than responding to your rubbish. Believe me I could obliterate all your arguments given a free half hour. Perhaps in the next day or so. Some of the time real life gets in the way of responding to brainwashed, lying idiots.

You are an accusatory unbalanced individual, imho, who uses the diversionary tactic of blithely accusing others of those shortcomings. I have no racist inclinations at ALL. I DO have a distrust of Islam. (Can’t imagine why.) But I also have no personal religious beliefs these days. I have told you these things before. Of course, you never choose to quote those remarks of mine.

All you say is that I am lying when I say anything with which you disagree. Well, tough.

I hope that others may agree that I have a right to disagree with you and with more or less everything you say and stand for. If they don’t agree, then again, tough. I’m not a politician or politcal activist and I am not here to garner votes.

As for referring to the ‘indigenous population’ – balanced minds wil see that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with referring to the rights of the indigenous population of ANY country. YOUR position is that they have no rights. In fact YOUR position is that incomers, because they are incomers and not indigenous, have MORE rights.

You and I are not on the same page, the same book or even the same planet as regards several issues, and never will be.

You clearly are too dull to realise that distrust of Islam (for some odd reason or other!) is not the same as racism. I distrust Causasian Islam too. (Can’t for the life of me work out why I should feel like this!)

Anyway, enjoy using Peter’s space to have a go at me. It must be fun for you in your stalking game.


EineKleineRob April 1, 2011 at 04.00

BS, nothing I have ever said about you, or could say about you, sums you up – sums up every aspect of your personality – as well as that comment. Thank you.


At 02 April, 2011 19:44, Blogger Peter Reynolds said...

"...though I wish his blanket condemnation of "Israel" had found room to remember the hundreds of thousands of Israelis, Jew and non-Jew alike, who want nothing to do with their government's occupation policies (and many of whom are in jail as a result)."

That's not fair Rob. I've been very clear. My opposition is not to Jews nor Israelis but to the Nazi-like behaviour of the Israeli regime. I have friends both Jewish and Israeli who are deeply ashamed of the actions of the war criminals in their governement.

At 04 April, 2011 00:04, Blogger Rob said...

I'm sure that's your attitude, Peter, and it comes over in your comments, but I felt the original post was somewhat unfortunately worded.

I wonder if you realised quite what a can of worms you would be opening with that post? Anyway, I'm enjoying watching BS/ktbfpm/Uncle Jimmy tie himself in knots as his lies are exposed and he has to keep shifting goalposts. Sadly, it's beginning to look as though Soovey won't be arranging for our trip to Sderot to sit in deckchairs drinking cocktails while the rockets explode, or don't, miles away.

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