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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a difference a hyphen makes.....

The comments boxes over at BareNakedIslam are full of references to AR Rahman. Which puzzled me at first. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the numskulls who post there are trying in their illiterate way to use one of the alternative titles of Allah, to wit Ar-Rahman ("The All-Compassionate"). Presumably they imagine that this will give offence, unlikely though that seems.

Actually of course, any Muslim reading the comments will be too busy laughing to take offence at anything much. AR Rahman, you say? What, this guy? Better rename your site Bare Naked Bollywood, love.

A good excuse to post one of my favourite Bollywood clips, with music by AR Rahman, naturally. The lead actor is Shahrukh Khan, who is of course a Muslim. I doubt whether BNI and all her/its fellow-travellers have added as much to human happiness as the mighty SRK. Hell, if their whole worthless lives were weighed against the cultural value of just this one clip I guess we'd still be good to watch Chaiyya Chaiyya. One of the most astonishing Bollywood dance sequences ever filmed.

(If English subtitles don't come up, click the "cc" button.)

Actually, there is an especially delicious irony in that the film Dil Se from which the clip is taken is all about a female suicide bomber.

The railway line, incidentally, is the Nilgiris Mountain Railway which runs up to Ooty. But don't bother making a trip to see the Chaiyya Chayya choo-choo: the line uses diesels now.


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