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Monday, April 04, 2011

Sometimes you just can't win

I was chatting to a work colleague on Friday who had been down to London with a contingent of trade unionists for the protest march against the cuts. He's partially sighted and has a German Shepherd guide dog, and apparently one of the other marchers accused him - in all seriousness - of being an undercover policeman because of the dog. To which my response would be, what part of "undercover" didn't you understand?

I gather my friend's response was less polite......

I am reminded of the Bonzo Dog Band's "Rhinocratic Oaths":

With a geranium behind each ear and his face painted with gay cabalistic symbols, six foot eight seventeen stone police sergeant Geoff Bull looked jolly convincing as he sweated and grunted through a vigorous twist routine at the Frug-a-Gogo Bierkeller. His hot serge trousers flapped wildly over his enormous plastic sandals as he jumped and jumped and gyrated towards a long-haired man.

"Uh, excuse me, man, I have reason to believe you can turn me on" he leered suggestively.

As if by magic dozens of truncheons appeared and mercilessly thrashed him. Poor Geoff, what a turnup for the books.


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