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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A reminder that Zionism's love affair with the Nazi methodology of indiscriminate chemical slaughter is older than Israel itself

Synchronicity. A few weeks ago I became embroiled in a flame war with a couple of Zionutters over on Peter Reynolds' blog, arising from a post in which Peter had (accurately in my opinion) compared some of the policies of the present Israeli government to the very similar ones of the Third Reich. (It looks as though the post has now been taken down, though it's mostly still available via Google's cache. Shame on whoever took it off.)

I had forgotten all about this post of mine which shows that at the very beginning of the Israeli state its government-to-be was happy to sanction the use of chemical weapons to murder over a thousand prisoners of war (and not even Israel's prisoners) in cold blood. I'm sure my Zionist interlocutors would be able to come up with a distinction between that batch of mass chemical murder and the far more famous ones carried out in Auschwitz and elsewhere: but for the life of me, I can't, other than that the Germans did it more often. Morally, Kovner and Weizmann are as culpable as Eichmann and Mengele.

As I said, I had forgotten: but this comment not only reminded me of the way in which Israeli policy mirrored that of the Nazis, but brought home the sad truth that there is no atrocity so vile that it won't attract a fan club.


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