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Monday, April 11, 2011

Keep taking the tablets, Benjamin. No, really.

Funny how things turn out. In one of my recent run-ins (runs-in?) with Uncle Jimmy I made reference to Benjamin "C**t" Kerstein (with whom regular readers will be familiar). It occurred to me to Google Mr K to see what he was doing these days, to which the answer is, nothing of much value: writing ultra-rightist bollocks for a succession of American and Israeli sites. I was amused to find the SF story which gave rise to our little local difficulty, still linked on his site and still cretinously wrong (does quick check that second law of thermodynamics still applies....yup, still wrong).


....in the most unlikely places one can find truth. Not in his political writings (please!) but in this piece on mental illness. OK, the man IS a cunt, and he SHOULD know better how to behave, but I must grudgingly admire his honesty in writing this piece. And if I can say that about something of Kerstein's you KNOW you have to read it.


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