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Friday, April 29, 2011

Finger on the Pulse

Another post about Uncle Jimmy, though this time just a wry smile rather than a full-on point-and-giggle.

Given Jimmy's normal obsessions with the four Is (Islam, Israel, Iraq and Immigration) it amuses me that in a week where the news has included

- the arrest of two Palestinians for the Itamar murders
- the Wikileaks revelations about Guantanamo
- Israeli settlers being shot by Palestinian police in Nablus
- David Cameron suggesting that imams might one day sit in a reformed House of Lords alongside bishops

he has homed in unerringly on the really important news story, offering us a poll on
William's Wedding (sic): should Blair and Brown have been invited?

(In case Jimmy reads this, I'm the one who ticked the "Other" box and entered "Who cares?")

UPDATE: Since he posted the poll, Jimmy has added several more posts on why it's a disgrace that Blair (and occasionally he remembers about Brown) wasn't invited. After listing all his reasons why they should have been, giving us a brief run-down on why Tony Blair is the most perfect human being ever to have been born outwith a Bethlehem stable*, and listing all the foreign dignitaries he thinks ought NOT to have been invited, Jimmy then manages to disappoint even my low expectations by stooping to the lowest kind of tabloid smear tactic and publishing the most unflattering pictures he could find (from the Daily Mail, of course) of one of Kate Middleton's uncles, or as he puts it "the black sheep of Catherine Middleton’s family who, nonetheless – he’s family y’know – deserved a place at her wedding far more than either of the country’s previous two prime ministers".

Well, you know what, Jimmy? Most normal people would invite their close family (and uncles are pretty close) to their weddings. Even family members they didn't particularly like. And most normal people would feel that it was a more important obligation than one to "people who used to work with my grandparents".

*From BBC's The News Quiz on Radio 4 this week, re Blair's absence from the wedding: "Does a church wedding count if God's representative on Earth isn't there?"


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