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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A fake Muslim "atrocity" - but where has it come from?

And now a story which isn't a spoof but a deliberate lie. Indeed, it wouldn't be overstating the case to call it a blood libel. While I found it first on the Bare Naked Islam white supremacist site, it clearly didn't originate there: BNI provide a link to Le Figaro which however goes to a completely different story, and their text is credited to someone called Paulo.

Just their luck that (a) I hate broken or misdirecting links (b) though I say it myself, I wield a mean Google search argument (c) my French is good enough that I'm not frightened of either search terms or results in French.

Because when I went looking for this story, EVERY hit was for the same (English) text, credited "H/T Paulo", with the story supposedly sourced from Le Figaro. When I searched Le Figaro's own site, using either their own internal search or a site-specific Google search, I drew a total blank. I tried searching for each of the proper names in the article. The last entry in Le Figaro relating to Lampedusa is a refugee boat bound there which sank on 5 April (though that report was unrelated to Paulo's story).

It would seem that "Paulo" is trying to foist a latter-day Protocols on us all. But who or what is "Paulo"? And what (at the risk of sounding like a method actor) is his motivation?

Alternatively, can any reader come up with a reputable (non-blogger) source for the story of Muslim refugees deliberately throwing women overboard, in either English or French?


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