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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dylan Lyric Challenge

When I ran this quiz based on phrases clipped from Abba songs, I mentioned that I might do more, for example one with Dylan lyrics. Phil reckoned he'd have more of a chance with that one: well, now's his chance.

Here are snatches of the lyrics to fifteen Bob Dylan songs. Not first or last lines or even whole lines necessarily, and a mix (I think) of the not too difficult and the fairly challenging. Each appears only in a siongle song as far as I know. Of course, using Google to find the answers would be cheating: so don't.

And can you find the link between the songs?

1. My very last piece of gum

2. Can I come home with you?

3. The hunchback of Notre Dame
Desolation Row (guessed by Lisa)

4. Leave your stepping-stones behind

5. The sidewalk and the sign

6. It was raining from the first
Just Like A Woman (guessed by Persephone)

7. Her skirt it swayed

8. A walking antique

9. Your steam drill

10. You’re invisible
Like A Rolling Stone (guessed by Phil)

11. On the D Train
Visions Of Johanna (guessed by Phil)

12. Like a mattress

13. The haunted, frightened trees
Mr Tambourine Man (guessed by Phil)

14. Go watch the geek

15. If you’re lookin' to get silly

Answers in the comments box. As I get correct answers I will annotate the list.


At 20 April, 2011 09:27, Anonymous Phil said...

Snatches? Those are shards!

At first glance:

You're invisible now, you've got no secrets left to conceal

And the all-night girls whisper of escapades on the D-Train

Beyond the frozen leaves
On the haunted frightened trees

I'll leave it to soak & let you know what else comes up!

At 20 April, 2011 11:37, Blogger Persephone said...

I'm on Eastern Daylight Time, so of course Phil got the ones I knew (that's my story and I'm sticking to it): It was raining from the first and I was dying of thirst "Just Like a Woman"

At 21 April, 2011 02:45, Blogger Rob said...

A good start guys,

If you work out the link it may help with the rest (though they're mostly not too obscure)

At 21 April, 2011 08:13, Anonymous Phil said...

I wondered if the link was Jon Boden, and listen to some Dylan.

At 21 April, 2011 08:15, Blogger Phil said...

Clearly, I didn't wonder if the link was Jon Boden! What I was trying to say was...

I wondered if the link was Norm's top 21, but JLAW isn't in it. I may need to vary my current diet of Bellamy and Jon Boden, and listen to some Dylan.

At 25 April, 2011 21:27, Blogger Rob said...

Nope, not the Norm list. Though how in the name of all that's Zimmermannly did When The Ship Comes In not make even the top 53? Jings.

At 26 April, 2011 08:36, Anonymous Phil said...

That was the obvious omission I thought of, too.

At 28 April, 2011 08:35, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Number 3 is surely from Desolation Row?!

At 29 April, 2011 12:30, Blogger Rob said...

Lisa - that was the one I thought you'd get.

If I'm utterly honest with myself I think if this quiz were presented to me cold I'd have got eight or nine of them, including all the ones guessed so far except Just Like A Woman. I think I would have picked up numbers 4, 7, 18 and 15, and possibly number 14. Maybe that means they'll be low-hanging plums for others?

Incidentally, I have corrected a word in number 14, though I doubt whether the difference between "watch" and "see" will have significantly altered your chances.

At 29 April, 2011 15:45, Anonymous Phil said...

Sorry, 18 has got me baffled.

At 30 April, 2011 17:59, Blogger Rob said...

How about 8? Can we go with 8 (Ballad of a Crap Typist)?

At 02 May, 2011 17:15, Anonymous Phil said...

1 is Third Time Around. I know 7, but I can't bring the whole line to mind - is it Simple Twist of Fate?

I listened to Street Legal today & didn't spot any lines - hope I didn't miss anything. Tomorrow I'm going to hit the vinyl.

At 04 May, 2011 17:37, Anonymous Phil said...

Gave up and googled. Well, I'm obviously a couple of classic Dylan albums short, although I can't believe you didn't include anything from Blood on the Tracks, Desire or Street Legal. The Blonde on Blonde track I didn't get is sneaky.

At 08 May, 2011 03:02, Blogger Rob said...

Phil - Fourth Time Around, but close enough. And the BoB one isn't THAT sneaky: #2 might be considered sneaky though.

There's a reason why none of the songs are from the albums you list, and it's connected with what links them. Think about dates: there's a reason why I chose to do this quiz round about now rather than, say six months ago. Actually if you Google #2 properly you might get a clue.

For the rest of you, I may enlarge the shards a bit to help you.

At 08 May, 2011 08:51, Anonymous Phil said...

The 17th of May is a week on Tuesday.

At 14 May, 2011 01:04, Blogger Rob said...

Indeed it is, young man, indeed it is. Well done.


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