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Monday, April 11, 2011

And Goldstone is an Honourable Man

I imagine everybody has now noticed that Judge Richard Goldstone, chair of the panel which produced the Goldstone Report into human right violations during Operation Cast Lead (the Gaza invasion) has issued a statement changing his mind on a number of things in the report.

There is an excellent op-ed on Goldstone's change of heart in Ha'aretz. This is in response to the torrent of abuse from Zionists to the effect that his statement utterly discredits the original report which they always maintained was a pack of antisemitic lies, etc etc etc.

Now let's put his retraction into perspective. Here is a piece from Aletho News which points out that Goldstone's statement is simply that: a personal statement, made under duress, and having no effect on the original report which still stands.

I have to say that even on his own terms his retraction lets Israel off ridiculously lightly. Some IDF soldiers have been investigated; none of these investigations has concluded so we have no way of knowing whether they have been serious or simply whitewashes in the normal IDF manner. And if Israel refused to co-operate with the production of Goldstone's original report it has absolutely no right to complain about anything in it. That's like a party refusing to contest an election and then complaining it didn't win. Earth to Zionists: decisions are made by those who show up. So yeah, maybe it would have been a different report if Israel had cared. They didn't: so they got the report they deserved. Think of it as a learning process.

For now: yes, for sure, Hamas needs to get its act together and start investigating violations on its own side. But until there is something concrete to show on the Israeli side to set against the mountain of other evidence of Israeli crimes, I see no reason to retract a thing.

And as for Goldstone's bizarre linkage of the Itamar murders with his report, not even the IDF claims that they were anything other than a non-terror-related domestic murder. Nothing to do with Hamas or in any way relevant to his investigation. (And in any case, the prime suspect is an Asian worker who had previously threatened the father.) How many members of Goldstone's family were threatened in order to get that gem inserted?

As well as the Zionist crowing there have been criticisms in the blogosphere of Goldstone's statement from supporters of the Palestinians, for example this highly critical piece. Meanwhile, Mark Elf is back on form with a couple of good posts here and here.

Update: Goldstone's co-authors have made it plain that as far as they are concerned there have been no developments which would invalidate the original report, and that it stands (for it to be retracted or revised they would all have to agree).


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