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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What's sauce for the goose-stepper.....

You must remember the famous Danish cartoons of Muhammed? The ones the world's Islamophobes reprint endlessly in the name of freedom of expression, because of the death threats made against the cartoonists and the staff of the newspaper in which they appreared? Euronazi Geert Wilders and his fellow-travellers like Mad Mel Phillips (and Uncle Jimmy of course) are always going on about how the affair shows that Islam is fundamentally opposed to Western freedoms.

So when this cartoon by Adriaan Soeterbroek (inspired by Geert Wilders' call for the creation of "hooligan villages" in the Netherlands for anti-social elements) appeared on the website of Dutch public broadcaster VARA....

...what was the reaction of the great supporter of the press's freedom to publish cartoons even though they give offense to people?

Well, he described it as "disgusting"......(OK....)

He called for its immediate removal...(but what about press freedom?)

His thugs made serious threats against members of staff at the TV station....(but..but...isn't that what the wicked Mooslims did?)

Realising that neo-Nazi bullies don't make idle threats against their enemies, VARA removed the cartoon. Of course, as with the Danish cartoons, this has simply meant that a cartoon which would have been seen by a handful of people and then forgotten will now live on around the globe as actual supporters of freedom of expression repost it. Go, and do thou likewise.

No further evidence is needed of Wilders' utter hypocrisy and vileness.


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