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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Something else Blair didn't screw up

I must thank Uncle Jimmy at Keep Tony Blair For PM for linking to this piece from the Huffington Post which I'd missed.

I will freely admit that I had always understood that the WMDs which Blair persuaded Gaddafi to give up were as imaginary as those in Iraq, at least as far as nuclear devices went (both Saddam and Libya had some chemical weapons). The HuffPo piece makes it clear that Libya did in fact have most of the components of a nuclear device, though not all and with little clue as to how to put them together. Gaddafi might, though, have tried to sell them on, for example to Zimbabwe. Jimmy's analysis that "Without Blair’s moves towards Gaddafi we may already have had a nuclear war emanating from that region" is clearly ludicrous: the only nation in the region ever to have had a usable nuclear weapon is Israel, whose illegal WMDs remain uninspected unpunished, and unhindered by non-proliferation agreements. But even if it was less significant than Blair and his fan club would like to make out, it was clearly worth doing.


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