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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reinventing History

Sometimes Uncle Jimmy over at Keep Tony Blair For PMM posts things to which the only possible response is hysterical laughter. His racist pals at Bare Naked Islam recently got their panties in a twist, saying that for Muslims to call Jesus a prophet of Islam is a vicious slander because Jesus lived before the time of Mohammed (what part of "prophet" don't they understand? And are we to ban lessons from Isaiah and Micah in the Christmas services because they're Jooooos who predated Christianity?). They also said the Taj Mahal was stolen from the Hindus by Moslem invaders.... Anyway, a couple of months ago Jimmy linked to an article by the equally crazed, if less openly racist, Mel Phillips, in which she demonstrated that her own grasp of history is on the same level.

It's priceless, really.

You tell them the history of the Middle East, they say ‘no it’s not true’ .

Now, that’s not true of everybody. There is a very large number of people in my view in Britain who are not impervious to reason at all. They’re entirely rational. But unfortunately the discourse they hear day after day, week after week, from the media, from the intelligentsia, from politicians across the political spectrum, from the universities, from their teachers in universities, all tells one story.

It’s a story which turns truth and lies, justice and injustice, victim and victimiser in the Middle East on their heads. But the problem is this: there is no alternative discourse that they hear. There is virtually no media outlet that tells the truth about the Middle East.

Like the doting mother watching the parade and saying "There's our Albert, the only one in step" . Jimmy reads this and thinks that Mel is the only person in the entire world, including Israel, who knows the truth about the Middle East and Mooslims.

They have been told that the land of Israel was the homeland of Palestinian Muslims since time immemorial. They have no idea that historically this is absolute garbage. No one’s told them. No one tells them this. They have absolutely no idea of the legal commitments entered into by Britain and the international community after the first world war, which said that on account of their unique claim to this land the Jews should be settled throughout Palestine.

In what way does the suggestion after World War One (hint to Mel: 1914-1918) that Jews should be settled in Palestine invalidate claims that Muslims had been living there for over a thousand years before that?

The other side, the Arab side doesn’t want it. It wants Israel gone. It says so. It shows it by every word and deed and has done consistently for nine decades.

And it was pretty successful for the first two and most of the third, considering Israel didn't even exist until just over sixty years ago.

But for Jimmy it's only Mel who tells the truth about Middle Eastern history. If Mel says that World War One is older than Islam, everyone who disagrees with her is mistaken. If Mel say that Israel has existed for ninety years, let no mere Israeli argue with her.

At the bottom he links to 2 other Mad Mel posts. One on the rush to blame the Arizona shooting on Sarah Palin et al (which while full of the usual MP rubbish is fair enough on that score), and one on a Danish journalist being prosecuted after writing that Muslims "rape their own children". The level of Mel's desperation to support any Islamophobe, anywhere, anytime is shown by her her ludicrous assertion that this statement is no different from saying "Americans make good films". Oh, yes, right Mel. And let's not forget "Jews control the world's financial system". OBVIOUSLY that's no different from saying "Scots wear kilts", because just as not all Scots wear kilts not all Jews are in positions of influence in international finance. If her idea of history didn't reduce you to tears of mocking laughter, her idea of logic would.


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