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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Not that he has an agenda or anything

Jimmy recently posted about Anjem Choudary's visit to the USA. Nobody - and I mean nobody - except right-wing nuts and assorted Islamophobes pays Choudary the slightest attention. He's such a gift to the nutters that one wonders whether they actually keep him on the payroll, so well can he be relied upon to spout nonsense. To Jimmy "he is treated as though he is a normal, balanced, rational human being. He is nothing of the sort." Good spot, Jim.

More recently, Jimmy has admitted that "it’s probably true that he (Choudary) has little following in Britain". But he's "still waiting for average, law-abiding everyday British Muslims to denounce him in numbers, though. Will let you know when they do."

How about these? Or these? How about these?

I guess Jimmy was just so busy he forgot to let us know. Still, we ken noo.


At 08 March, 2011 09:25, Anonymous Phil said...

I don't know about the payroll, but the Daily Star evidently keeps Choudary on speed dial.


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