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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jihad Cosmo? Come ON, people...

Just about every newspaper, blog and other outlet appears to be taking this ludicrous fake at face value, so I thought I'd better debunk it. At least the HuffPo is suitable cagey about its genuineness, and their commenters seem mostly to reckon it stinks.

So: why do I call it a ludicrous fake? Well, for a start, who exactly is supposed to be its target readership? It panders to every imaginable Islamophobic stereotype (beauty tips on veiling FFS, as though even those Muslim women who wear veils didnlt do their hair and make-up underneath for the benefit of their families and female friends) so let's humour them for a second. It can't be aimed at the poor downtrodden Muslim wife of Islamophobic mythology, because she wouldn't be allowed to read it even if she'd been allowed to learn to read. Its glossy westernised style would see to aim it squarely at the Muslim women we actually see in Britain, in our schools, universities and workplaces. But would they be interested in a magazine full of articles about veils, which hardly any wear? Will they be wanting advice on suicide bombing? I don't think so.

And what use is a magazine in Arabic if al-Qaeda want to reach Muslims in the West? Hardly any speak it, let alone read it. Most British Muslims speak Urdu, Punjabi or Bengali (with a few Turks). In France they mostly speak West African languages, which of course include variants of French. Why publish in a language your supposed readers can't even read?

...and which the publishers aren't too hot on either. The description of the magazine's contents is the same in all the reports and will have come from the publishers' press release. Note the article on "How To Marry A Mujahideen". Now I don't speak Arabic, but mujahideen is an Arabic word that has been taken over into English. As has mujahid, the singular form. Yes, folks, whoever wrote al-Shamikha doesn't know the difference between singulars and plurals in Arabic. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula? Please.....

This supposed magazine is either a clever spoof aimed at the leisured rich women of Abu Dhabai and Dubai (and far too clever for the Daily Mail et al) or else it's yet another clumsy attempt by right-wing idiots to stoke even more of the hatred of Muslim that so pollutes Western society. I suspect the latter, but you never know.

The interesting question it raises is, how did so many journalists come to suspend their critical faculties so totally when this landed in their inbox? Why was it given credence for even ten seconds?


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