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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An imaginary Englishman, an imaginary literary prize, and a septic tank

The white supremacists at BareNakedIslam have discovered Douglas Murray, an Englishman whose terror at the very existence of Mooslims is nearly as comical as their own. Such a significant figure is Murray that I had to Google him to find out who he was (about which more in a minute). Suffice it to say that he's apparently gay. Regular readers will recall that if there's one thing BNI hates as much as Muslims, it's gays. And as with "Muslim", BNI use "queer" "faggot" and other insults not necessarily to indicate actual homosexuality or muslim faith (BNI has described Pres. Obama as a "black faggot Muslim" after all) but merely as terms of abuse.

Uncle Jimmy of letspretendtonyblairsstillrelevant jumps straight in like the dutiful little acolyte he is, commenting Murray appears occasionally, not enough imho, on British current affairs programmes. He is generally thought of as “extreme” right here. Britain is so far left as to make Murray seem sexually straight! Oh well done, Jimmy, you're getting the idea. Brits are all "leftists" so of course WE ALL KNOW they're all homosexual. Or if they're not, then they're evil, and homosexuals are evil, so it's all the same, right? Well done. Not only do you get to show off how anti-left and anti-gay you are (all the better to impress the Great White Sheet), not only do you show how well you're learning BNI's techniques of smearing and lying; but you get points for following the BNI party line of hatred and contempt for "dhimmi" Britain. Remind me again, Jim, why I'm supposed to take your supposed Britishness seriously for a microsecond? If you actually did have any connection to Britain it's clear that you have less love for the place than any of the Anjem Choudary types you criticise so freely. I'm sure he reckons we're all commie sex perverts too. However, it becomes clearer with every word you type that you're an American, and a damned unpleasant one at that. If you hate Britain so much, why don't you just go home?

Now - back to Douglas Murray. He runs the "Centre For Social Cohesion", which is a "think-tank" for those who prefer prejudice to thought - so a "tank" I suppose, not to say a septic one. (Most such bodies are registered as educational charities: not the CSC. I wonder why?) He's the goon who believes NATO should launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against countries developing WMDs (excepting Israel of course). He's the fool who invited readers of his blog to send in racist jokes (only against the Irish of course, because they barely count as people). He calls himself a neoconservative (though despite his anti-Irish diatribes and his Zionism he doesn't describe himself as a racist. How odd.) I wondered how on Earth he got a journalism prize in 2009 until I realised that previous winners included Michael Gove. Any prize Gove's illiterate rantings (one of the main reasons I stopped reading the Times) could secure is clearly a joke.

Now here's a thing: when I Googled the Charles Douglas Home Memorial Prize to see when Gove won it, and why, the only winner with a date assigned (2009) is ...... Douglas Murray. All references to his distinguished predecessors appear solely in his Wikipedia entry. Even better, the only references to the prize at all are in relation to Murray. I begin to suspect that it's not so much a joke as a Douglas Murray vanity project. Murray supposedly won the prize with an essay on the growth of Sharia Law in the UK: how fitting then that an essay on an imaginary phenomenon should be awarded an imaginary prize.

Having read the essay here may I add that that no writer who believes that the word "proselytise" means the same as "promote" can be considered any kind of advertisement for the educational standards of Eton College: and how he obtained a degree in English from Magdalen College Oxford God only knows. Sir Compton Mackenzie must be turning in his grave. (Note for those whose English is dodgy: the thing you "proselytise" is the recipient of the idea, not the idea itself. You have to love folk who cloak their ignorance in long words used incorrectly. Oh and apparently "By allowing different laws to be applied to people of different ethnic origins, based on the notion that there are laws which would are good enough for you but not good enough for me." is a sentence. Who knew?)

Should any bright spark wish to point out the note that "this is an edited version of the essay" and blame the errors on the Times, I would be grateful if s/he could point me to the unedited version. If that can be found somewhere its location might shed light on this mysterious and evanescent prize.

Any further bright spark who wishes to point out that Montague Compton Mackenzie received his degree in Modern History rather than English is at liberty to do so. Mackenzie, nevertheless, was a great writer and a credit to his old college.


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