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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Alpha Male

I promised health updates as relevant, so here's one.

Last Wednesday I went to the surgery for a spirometry (lung function) test, to see what state my lungs are in at present. Unfortunately they won't do the test if your blood pressure is over a threshold level, which mine was. They think most likely it's my present stressful situation (they had in mind my diagnosis and my impending redundancy: let's not start on the idiotic testers - and project managers - I have to deal with at work!). In any event, I have to go back in a month's time, when after following the advice in the leaflet I was given (less booze, more exercise, more sleep) I should be at or near the target pressure.

Incurable fatal genetic complaint; high blood pressure; imminent redundancy; HM Revenue & Customs demand for nearly £3k in back taxes (almost certainly an error as various colleagues have had the same thing written off on appeal, but a lot nevertheless); much work and many idiots to deal with there. I think when I leave my job at the end of October a career selling lucky white heather beckons.....

On the plus side: I got my flu and pneumonia vaccinations done while I was at the surgery. My concert at the weekend went really well and while the anticipated difficulties in fitting everyone onto the stage duly arose, they were quickly sorted out. My programme notes made sense (composed in the wee small hours after a bottle of Rioja, they might not have, especially as they included an idiot's guide to the plot of Wagner's Ring cycle!) I have an appointment to see the genetic medicine people next week for counselling and general Q&A. Hilary will be coming with me as we want to get her tested to find out whether there's any chance of our children having A1AD (they're definitely carriers) and they won't test her without pre-test counselling. (I think I skipped most of that by virtue of having seen my brother at his worst.)

I have a head cold once more It will be nice when the summer comes and I eventually get rid of this cold which has beem hanging around (apart from a 2 week gap early in January) since September. Of course, eventually Birnam Wood will stomp up the path and I will have a cold that never entirely goes away. However, I'm being Mr Glass Half Full (or Lung Mostly Empty) right now.


At 09 March, 2011 15:42, Blogger Persephone said...

Oh crud. Well, here's hoping that your wife's ironic prediction (that you will end up living longer because of the diagnosis) comes to pass. Just watch yourself at those damn corners. Some years just need to be sent back and started over, don't they?

WV "iddoxe" = paradox originated from a hopeful idea...

At 10 March, 2011 16:26, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Lucky white heather - I could use some of that. When will you be starting up your online store?

At 11 March, 2011 13:32, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hope that tax demand issue gets sorted: am assuming you will just have to put up with the numpties at work. Can't do much about the inherited illness, but looking after yourself will almost certainly help your defences as best as possible... keep your glass topped up to at least half full. thinking of you.


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