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Monday, February 14, 2011

Yay, Blair (again)

In this post on his support for Mubarak and other dictators, I referred to Tony Blair as a "despicable apology for a human being".

As of yesterday, perhaps I find him a tad less despicable, at least with respect to his views of Egypt and democracy. Not only has he accepted that Mubarak had to go, he has been surprisingly sensible in his comments on the Muslim Brotherhood:

Mr Blair said the "sensible" approach to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was "not to be hysterical about them," adding "they are not terrorists or extremists".

But he also said the international community should "not be complacent" about the Muslim Brotherhood either, adding they are "not the type of political party that you or I would recognise".

Perhaps that's why Uncle Jimmy, normally so keen to share with us every detail of TB's statements, has ignored this one and concentrated instead on the Chilcot Enquiry, a have-a-go heroine, and of course a post pointing out that what Egypt now has is military rule. (He's right on that of course, though the Daily Mash is funnier.)

Two consecutive posts being nice about Tony Blair. Jeez, I'm losing my grip. (Mind you, a stopped clock is right twice a day*, so provided I restrict myself to two I probably don't need treatment.) Reader, if you ever find my name on Stan's make all criticism of Tony Blair illegal Ban Blair-Bating petition, please shoot me.

*It's just occurred to me how strange that saying must sound to kids brought up to think of clocks mostly as strings of digits. a bit like "a stopped clock means some sand grains have got wedged in the narrow bit" or "a stopped clock means the sun has gone in".


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