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Monday, February 07, 2011

What a despicable apology for a human being Tony Blair is

Tony Blair gives us the inestimable benefit of his opinion on the current unrest in Egypt.

Basically what Blair is saying is that democracy for Egyptians is a good thing provided that they don't use their freedom to elect a government he and his Israeli employers have not approved in advance.

Israel's attitude to democracy in the Middle East became obvious when it backed a military coup to topple the elected government in the West Bank and install a puppet regime more to its liking. Where backing "domestic" coups was unsuccessful, as in Gaza, it simply resorted to invasion and murder. Israel: the only democracy in the Middle East, and woe betide any upstart electorate which tries to change that.

I'm sure Blair has worked with Mubarak, asd with so many other dictators, "on the inside" and found it an agreeable experience. The question is, who was inside whom?


At 07 February, 2011 14:48, Anonymous Stan said...

How can someone be so right about music but so wrong (and offensive) about politics? Too much heart, too little head perhaps..

Btw, this "apology for a human being" has just negotiated a relaxation of Israeli restrictions in Gaza and the West Bank.

While guys like you whinge from the sidelines, guys like Blair are actually doing something to improve the conditions of those affected. Visit the Tony Blair Office site for the details, if you are interested in any positive news relating to Blair and this part of the world. I think I know what your response to that invitation will be but others visiting your site might be more open-minded (I'm forever the optimist).

At 07 February, 2011 15:14, Blogger Rob said...

We'll just have to agree to differ over TB's attitude to Mubarak and democratic change: but good news (if your report is correct) over his achievement of something for the Gazans. While I'm prepared to be underwhelmed by the detail, I'm in favour of his actually doing what he's supposed to be there for. I shall go and look at his site as you suggest.

I'm never going to like TB or think he was anything but a disaster for his party and his country, but even he occasionally got it right.


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