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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pond life

Well, you live and learn. There actually is a British journalist more ignorant and mendacious than Melanie Phillips. He writes , if that is the word, for the Daily Telegraph, and his name is James Delingpole.

Delingpole made his name, such as it is, by "exposing" the wicked "scientific fraud" which he named, so originally, "Climategate". Thsi was where he read some emails about the calibration of date from different sources so that they could be used together, undertood not a single word, but decided that because it was STUFF by SCIENTISTS about CLIMATE it was obviously all LIES. Unfortnately it was nothing of the sort, and the scientists at the University of East Anglia whom he slandered so spectacularly have been cleared and, amazingly enough, have not sued his ass off for defamation.

Delingpole, meanwhile, is for some reason still employed as a "journalist" , and yesterday delivered himself of a piece comprising both breathtaking lies and ad hominem attacks.

Let's cut to the chase: if we charitable assume that Delingpole can at least read English, what are we to make of his assertion that Prof. Beddington has called climate sceptics "evil, paedophilic, homophobic, Holocaust-denying, racist"? In delingpole;s own article we can see that he said no such thing: merely that we should tolerate them no more tha we tolerate such people. But why look for truth and accurate reporting from someone (desperately trying to justify his salary) who asserts that

the Climategate emails.....very clearly revealed those “climate scientists” whose expertise Prof Beddington so reveres committing the very crimes he so deplores

The government's Chief scientific advisor is decribed as a "beardie-weirdie": if instead of a beard he had black skin, would Delingpole refer to him as a "nigger-rigger"? And is Delingpole's term intended to convey anything other than the infantile level we may expect from Delingpole's subsequent discourse? Beddington's "generous salary and ring-fenced pension is kindly provided by the British taxpayer": well no shit, Sherlock. What part of "civil servant" is too hard for you to grasp? The salary and pension of the guy who will hand out Delingpole's benefits when the Telegraph editors see through him and dump him in a skip will also be provided by the British taxpayer. I know which I will feel is money better spent.

Last May, Delingpole informed his readers that "only morons, cheats and liars still believe in man-made global warming". Which makes two-thirds of the British population
morons, cheats and liars. Gosh, it's lucky we have Delingpole with his vastly superior intellect (and his degree in, er, English Literature) to tell uys all what to think, having been to the annual camp meeting of the climate change denial cult. (Sorry, you start reading his stuff and you start writing like him. Mind you, he witters on about some mythical beast ManBearPig which apparently is something to do with scientists, so maybe "cult" really is the word.) He seems to believe that "the scientists on our side of the argument have won", which will come as a shock to anyone who can actually read. The scientists, such as they are, on his side of the debate are still barking (in every sense), but the caravan moved on a long time ago, and all Delingpole's invented "scandals" won't bring it back.

In his Wikipedia entry it says that

In a BBC Horizon documentary, Delingpole denounced the scientific consensus about global warming, and said that the very idea of consensus is unscientific. He said that "it is not my job" to read peer reviewed papers on the subject, and described himself as "an interpreter of interpretations". After the interview he reportedly complained about being "intellectually raped" by interviewer Paul Nurse.

Meaning what? Nurse ran rings round him and showed him up for the scientifically illiterate moron he is? Not his job to read peer reviewed papers? Oh, I'm sorry, I was under the mistaken impression that he drew a salary as a journalist, one moreover who continually shoots his mouth off about scintific matters. No, he's an "interpreter of interpretations", i.e a liar, and a lazy liar at that.

The most revealing thing in Delingpole's earlier article is that he is the only person I have seen outside the BareNakedIslam white supremacist site who uses the term "libtard" to refer to anyone on the political left. Not even Mad Mel stoops that low.

Professor Beddington is dead right: we need to be a damned sight less tolerant of this kind of crap masquerading as journalism.


At 15 February, 2011 18:44, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

He gets paid to write. Evidently not for his accuracy but perhaps for his controversy.


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