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Monday, February 14, 2011

Video fun

One can't go wrong with Abba - or at least not usually. Here are a couple of songs which never seem to make it into people's lists of favourites, which is a shame.

And I'd forgotten all about this song until I recently watched a documentary about Elektra Records which featured Harry Chapin:

..and also featured Carly Simon:

Or as one of the Youtube commenters said, "42 people thought this song was about them".


At 15 February, 2011 14:59, Blogger Persephone said...

"Angel Eyes" is one of the uh, three Abba songs that I can stand. I think the harmonies are fabulous. Not long ago some brilliant woman posted a tribute to David Tennant's luminous lamps, using the same song, so that didn't hurt, either...

The Resident Fan Boy and I used to sing our own version of "You're So Vain" (I haven't told you this one already, have I?): "You're so vague, you probably think this song is a movie...."

At 15 February, 2011 16:31, Blogger Rob said...

Ok, Persephone, drop the other shoe: which other two Abba songs can you stand?

At 15 February, 2011 22:09, Blogger Persephone said...

"The Name of the Game" and "Knowing Me, Knowing You". Actually bought the single of "When All is Said and Done" years ago (when people still bought singles) and regretted it when I sat down to listen to the lyrics. Mind you, bits of "Name of the Game" are a bit awkward. To be fair, I can't manage even bad lyrics in Swedish...

At 15 February, 2011 23:05, Blogger Rob said...

I actually like "When All Is Said And Done" despite its containing one of the worst rhymes in pop music history. One can avoid the latter by listening to the Spanish version ( sung by Frida herself). I linked to it from my Facebook page recently: I'll dig it out and post the link.

I will cheerfully confess to full-on Abba fanhood, but mostly Iike their later stuff (esp. from "The Visitors") best.


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