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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Two Men, One Woman, and a Punctuation Mark

Oh, let's cheer up a bit with some more Peter Paul & Mary clips. Here's one of my favourites:

Fantastic brass arrangement. And I love the way at 1:39 we have two harmony vocal lines and the melody has vanished completely!

Anyone who knows anything of my musical tastes will know that I am a sucker for bizarre cover versions. OK, so here are PP&M singing "I Have A Song To Sing, O" from The Yeoman of the Guard by Gilbert & Sullivan (the baton passes from one ampersand to another, so to speak). Not one for G&S purists but a noble effort neatly arranged, and if it created a new fanbase for G&S that can't be bad.

From the same concert, here they are doing Laura Nyro's "And When I Die". I've never greatly cared for Nyro's stuff but I'll gladly make an exception for this.

Here they are from 1965, the year I first saw them.

And here's one they did the second time I saw them. As they were doing songs from the newly-released Album 1700 that must have been 1967 or very early 1968.
(And yes, I know this isn't exactly a song to lift the spirits, but how could I leave it out?)

I make no apologies for posting this next clip again: a truly great song, by Paul this time. And the Youtube comments make interesting reading: I knew the song had been one of the most-requested pieces of wedding music in the USA a few years back, but it's lovely to know it's still doing the business.

And finally, one from a TV programme entitled The Holiday Concert. As this particular song is for Hanukkah rather than Christmas I can forgive the title, especially as the performance is so good.


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