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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To quote the I Ching: One cannot engage in conflict; One returns home, gives way.

If you thought my puns were bad (even, or especially, my Latin ones) spare a thought for the Chinese. Read all about it here in the Economist.

I think the bit that blew my mind was:

My local noodle shop had a special sheet of expensive New Year’s delicacies to choose from, this week only. A couple of them were even good, but most were perplexing: lots of leafy greens, because “-vegetable” is always going to sound like “-money”, but also the 髮菜, a moss that grows on grassroots and is not very edible at all but does sound like “make money”, and oyster fermented in soya, not for flavour’s sake but so that it can be háochĭ, which sounds like characters that mean “well being”. There must have been 30 items on this menu, and only by dint of the crap shoot were any worth eating. (Local friends warned me.)

I can't fight against that degree of devotion to punning.


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