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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ban Paxo-Stuffing

Stan Rosenthal (Stan, Stan, the Tony Blair Fan who turns up in my comments boxes from time to time) has just had a complaint to the BBC about Jeremy Paxman (partially) upheld. At Uncle Jimmy's other blog, The Feral Press, Jimmy is ecstatic.

I attempted to post a comment there, figuring that (a) it wasn't Keep Tony Blair For PM, from which Jimmy banned me, and (b) it was a point of information. Nevertheless, Jimmy didn't allow the comment. Some folk just have trouble with free speech unless they're the ones doing it.

Here it is anyway.

"All that Paxman has to say in this article makes it clear that from this supposedly “UNBIASED” and “BALANCED” source of world broadcasting – this beacon of “truthful reporting” – we are fed LIES ad nauseam"

Point of information - his article was in the Guardian, which has nothing to do with the BBC. He may well have been in breach of his contract obliging him to clear articles with the BBC first, but you can't use it to claim that the BBC is biased. Maybe it is, maybe not: but this is irrelevant.

And re point 5: I thought Remembrance Day was about remembering dead soldiers, not ex-Prime Ministers: so why on earth should Dimbleby have mentioned Blair? No doubt if he HAD mentioned him that would have been taken as an attempt by the "biased BBC" to link him to war casualties. There's just no pleasing some folk.

Oh, I forgot - I'm probably banned from this blog as well, aren't I? Sorry.

I attempted to post a comment on the Daily Mail report on the story. Having thought the Mail to have more integrity than Jimmy I didn't keep a separate copy, but there you go. The main point was as for the comment above. I also said I thought Stan should maybe be satisfied with having had Paxman disciplined for not getting his article cleared, and that demanding more severe punishments (sacking? public hanging?) seemed simple vindictiveness towards someone who, like it or not, was merely expressing views shared by thousands of British people. Stan, of course, as thearticle mentions, is the eminence grise behind the Make All Criticism of Blair Illegal petition.

I also jokingly suggested starting a "Ban Paxo-Stuffing" petition..........


At 17 February, 2011 12:19, Anonymous Stan said...

I see you're back to your old, logic chopping ways, Rob.

The complaint was about Paxman taking one side of the argument on the Iraq war which he's not supposed to do under the BBC's impartiality rules, whether this is done on air or off air. And whether you like it or not, referring to the lies that took us to war IS one side of the argument since believe it or not there IS another side to this argument. The Director of BBC News had to agree with the logic of my complaint although I appreciate that you have probably missed it since logical thinking does not seem to be your strongest card.

So my complaint wasn't about Paxman expressing his own views on Iraq. It was only about him doing this in his present job. If he doesn't wish to be constrained in this fashion he should join another organisation which is not bound by impartiality rules.

As for punishing Paxman whatever I have in mind pales into insignificance compared with the punishments proposed for Tony Blair.

Yours more in sorrow than anger,

Stan Stan the Unbiased BBC fan

At 17 February, 2011 12:39, Blogger Rob said...

If the BBC hadn't disciplined him then yes, I suppose that would show bias (though I would suspect favoritism towards Paxman rather more). But they did. His off air comments do not In themselves prove BBC bias , and to suggest otherwise shows that it's your logic at fault here. In any case, I see no point in pressing for more draconian punishments. (And I agree with you about some folk's suggestions for TB: posted on that yesterday as well.)

I am happy to agree that Paxo is biased: heck, I think he's a supercilious prat who isn't even much use on University Challenge. But enough's enough.

And as for "returning to my old ways", I wouldn't want to to think I'd gone all soft, now would I?

At 18 February, 2011 16:17, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Hmm, perhaps I should ban your comments from my blog too, give you more to talk about.
In America PBS has asked reporters to resign when they express opinions on other networks, as would most employers. If you work for someone then you know not to go elsewhere.

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