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Monday, February 07, 2011

Just a phase we're going through

Let's have some music to wash away all that hatred and ignorance. By way of a tribute to actual decent Americans I think I'll go for a couple of pieces which make use of the music of Steve Reich.

First of all we have Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb (a favourite of mine), which samples a few bars from Electric Counterpoint (the phrase starting at 1:13 and continuing under the words "Layering different sounds on top of one another", to be precise).

I can never listen to this without (at 1:35) having a strong desire to make wibbling noises with my fingers and lips.

Then we have the late, great, Don van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, who sang a snatch of Come Out in Moonlight On Vermont (on the amazing Trout Mask Replica album). (It's at 2:28 and segues into That Old Time Religion!)

If you've never listened to the original of Come Out I commend it: Everyday Things A Boy Can Do With A Couple Of Tape Recorders And A Phenomenal Imagination. (Though be warned: I was once playing it loudly on my car stereo in summer with the windows down, and got some very funny looks from Edinburgh pedestrians. Bah.) Sadly, the only versions I can find online to embed are of pointless remixes by people trying to "improve" it. (Hint: they don't.) Here's a link where you can download it as an mp3 though.

Finally, and only very slightly off topic, here are the first two tracks from an album I played to death as a student (having ordered it from the new Virgin mail order company). I include them because the transition between them (from 3:23) uses exactly the same technique as Come Out, but run in reverse so that the two tape loops gradually (over 30 seconds) come into synchronisation.


At 07 February, 2011 09:08, Anonymous Phil said...

Funny thing, when I was listening to that first Joe Byrd track - and watching the hippies passing round the chillum - I was having gloomy middle-aged thoughts about the incidence of drug-induced psychosis among heavy users, kids gambling with their mental health etc. Then the second track starts, and that's actually what it's about. In retrospect, "Shattered like a glass goblin" (or "Mama told me not to come") was just as much a part of that period as "White rabbit".

At 07 February, 2011 17:19, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Wow, that looks like a bad trip man. Far out.


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