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Monday, February 07, 2011

A bunch of halal chickens (morons terrified of Muslim food)

I was watching a report on BBC Scotland about a Scottish-Indian fusion restaurant in Glasgow, one of whose signature dishes is haggis pakora, Which reminded me that on Burns night this year the Saunders family, as usual, ate a vegetarian haggis (my daughter having been a veggie now for 13 years or thereabouts). If you've never tried one, I recommend them: the main meat substitute flavour is mushroom but most lovers of the normal dead sheep kind of haggis I know consider it a perfectly decent alternative.

Anyway, remembering my daughter's joy on discovering that in India vegetarian food was the norm owing to the great variety of religions and concomitant dietary restrictions to be found there, I referred to our fare as the "Halal Haggis". Which then reminded me of this post from Uncle Jimmy's pals over at Bare Naked Islam.

You should note a number of things. Firstly that at no time did Ms Hussain request halal meat, nor did McDonald's offer it. Secondly, that she asked for a vegetarian dish and was served meat. It makes no difference whether she avoids meat because she is fussy about its slaughtering, or because like my daughter she is a vegetarian, or whether she does so for medical reasons. McDonald's screwed up and were right to apologise (and I'm shocked that they didn't do so at once - clearly standards have slipped since Ray Kroc's day). Thirdly, most of the pictures posted relate to a completely different story: it's hard to tell whether they've been included in an attempt to maximise the offense should any Muslim be reading the site (yeah, right) or whether the blogger just randomly dumped a load of pictures into the post without bothering with that difficult reading stuff.

I wonder whether my daughter would have come in for the same abuse had she been served a non-vegetarian burger and made a similar complaint. Probably: the clientele of BNI really are that stupid. One of the commenters ("perceptor1") believes that forcing Ms Hussain to eat meat rather than a veggie burger is curbing cruelty to animals. LOL. "Waterwillows" can't even spell "McDonalds". (But I bet he can spell "welfare".) "darrell" tells us "Ironiclly I was fired from a mcdonalds when I was 17 for telling a woman to STFU when she was complaining about food". (What's ironic about a racist knuckle-dragger being fired for giving shitty service and abusing customers? It's as American as this.) And "barenakedislam" herself mouths off about the iniquities of religious dietary restrictions, ritual slaughter and the like, but as soon as someone brings up the subject of kosher food she's all "I am Jewish and do not follow Kosher laws, nor does anyone I know. Only the very Orthodox keep kosher, but frankly, I think it’s an antiquated custom that is irrelevant in the 21st century." So if she ever visits Israel she'll demand to be served ham in cream sauce with a side of shrimp salad, will she? That's right, folks, here we have a New York "Jew" who thinks no Jews nowadays observe any dietary restrictions whatsoever. LOL, with a big side of ROFLMFAO. While "Josiah Heng", who goes round drawing stars of David on his leftover packaging like a small child, asks "How would you like it if all these meats were slaughtered in accordance to Taoist or Hindu practices and labelled as such?" Well done, Josiah, in your ignorant casting round for some non-Jewish religion you'd heard of you picked two whose followers are almost all vegetarians. (Though there are a few exceptions.)

At the end of the day, guys, I hate to break it to you but Newcastle is in Britain. It's our country, and if disgraces to America like you don't like the way we serve vegetarians you can stay in New York eating guaranteed non-halal cockroach sandwiches.


At 17 June, 2014 02:34, Blogger MrRedhogg said...

I ate halal in the past but then asked or found out what really is halal, what I discovered was a problem for me.

It food that is dedicated to the god of the Muslims, I unlike you want no part of this sicking religion and it's god, I realize I will never engage in any activity which helps to encourage or promote this sickness called Islam, but you can go right ahead, and the real morons are those who fail to see or understand what they are encouraging in their ignorance. Let the Muslims eat halal

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