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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank you and goodnight

And of course yesterday Tony Blair made that appearance at the enquiry, where his performance (lesser folk gove testimomy: Blair gives performances) told us several things.

1) Despite his having neglected to mention the fact during his self-justifying spiel last time, he is actually quite sorry that tens of thousands of people died because he took us to war in Iraq.

2) Nobody in the courtroom believed a word of it. (Which is not to say it wasn't true - few folk beyond Osama bin Laden feel no remorse at causing massive loss of life - but as Blair is famous for having built his career on self-serving lies and also has the least convincing delivery since Richard "Would you but a used car from this man?" Nixon, he was always going to have trouble there.)

3) He did indeed decide a long time in advance of the war that he would support the USA, after which all questions of fact became subordinated to the need to spin the war as desirable.

4) No occasion, not even a solemn legal enquiry, is deemed inappropriate for Blair to launch into his favourite conspiracy theory tirade against Iran and the threat it poses to the rest of the world. Never mind that the only connection Iran has to the Iraq war is that it was only the threat of possible further attacks from Saddam that kept Iranian regional ambitions in check prior to the Iraq war. Relevance isn't the point - indeed I suspect the point was precisely to divert attention from the actual subject of the enquiry, in case there were any serious questions waiting to be answered.

5) We are so lucky not to have this man polluting British politics now or ever again.


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