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Monday, January 31, 2011

Soldiers of the IDF show true bravery and really risk their lives

Another thing I nearly missed last week because it wasn't publicised (indeed it was hidden away in a slot on Channel 4 News so at first I couldn't find it when I'd heard about it from reviews) was this film of interviews with three IDF soldiers who had taken part in Operation Cast Lead (the Gaza invasion). They are the first who have given interviews, and while their accounts are far from being a litany of war crimes they give the lie not only to the myth that only military targets and not civilians were targeted but to the often-heard assertion that the IDF is a uniquely "moral" army. (Perhaps the IDF, chickens themselves who hide behind human shields, targetted Gazan chickens because of the threat they posed to Israeli chickens' racial purity.)

One has to admire the soldiers' honesty, as well as their innocence: I expect they were all murdered by their government within hours of the programme airing.


At 31 January, 2011 07:56, Anonymous Phil said...

That last sentence seems a bit over the top. Has the IDF got a record of targeted assassinations of its own squaddies?

At 31 January, 2011 10:36, Blogger Rob said...

No more so than most other countries faced with whistleblowers in the military. I suppose "disappeared into jail somewhere" is closer to Israeli SOP, though these guys have guns and might be disinclined to go quietly. Maybe "probably shot while resisting arrest" would be closer? In any event, their life expectancy isn't great.


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