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Monday, January 03, 2011

Ring the alarum-bell! Blow, wind! come, wrack!

I set my iPhone alarm to get up yesterday morning and discovered it hadn't worked. I assumed it was just a fault on my phone and that maybe I needed to sync it to my laptop again: but in any case I found the timer worked OK. So this morning I got up (having given myself 5h30 at 220 degrees - well, it is a cooking timer, sort of) only to find that my daughter had overslept because her iPhone alarm hadn't gone off. Fortunately my wife (sleeping alone upstairs as her foot is still bandaged up after an operation and sharing a bed is asking for painful collisions) had her non-phone-based alarm on so had woken her up.

Then of course I Googled it and found that the entire world population of iPhone users had been having the same problem.

Supposedly it's fixed from 3 January (which is now today) and doesn't require a resync.....

.......and it works. Which frankly is a bit of a surprise.

But honestly. You'd think that after the end of British Summer Time debacle they would have put a little thought into testing their software. As it is, they just had a Y2K problem eleven years late. The reason there were no huge problems back then was precisely because so much effort had been put into testing. I was on the Y2K team at Bank of Scotland (as it was then) and we did actually find two programs (IIRC) containing Y2K bugs, neither of which would have been catastrophic but which did at least make the whole business seem worthwhile. There were, after all, a lot of folk in the media saying that the whole thing was a totally invented problem, a fuss about nothing. They're probably the people saying the same now about man-made global warming.....


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