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Monday, January 24, 2011

I stand corrected

In a comment under his 14 Nov 2010 post BBC Bias 2 about the protests at the Remembrance ceremony it appears that I did actually refer to Jimmy as a racist on his blog before he had banned me. Not in any of the links where Stan claimed to find it (see comments here), but there it is: I was wrong.

Mind you (a) the first mention of Jimmy's racism in those comments under his post was when Jimmy himself contrasted the EDL's "possible" racism with his own utter lack of it. I then pointed out that he had done so precisely one paragraph after asking me "Why do you never defend the British indigenous people? Why are you so pro these creatures - these debased inhuman ANIMALS (in my opinion)?", which I felt rendered his "I am not racist" comment worthy only of ridicule.

So yes, I did accuse him of racism, but only after he had both protested his freedom from it AND demonstrated his total complicity in it in the same comment.

Oh, and Jimmy then goes on to say that because people refer to "indigenous" North Americans and Australians (what we used to call Red Indians and Aborigines) as distinct from their European conquerors (sorry, bringers of "civilising Western development") it's therefore not racist to contrast indigenous British people with "animals". Maybe if the indigenous Australians were routinely compared with "debased inhuman European animals" I'd go along with that. Though maybe not: at least the Native American and Australian population have a reasonable claim to having been undisturbed on their lands for a very long time indeed. But "indigenous British"? Jimmy claims his family go back to the Magna Carta. Wow, how impressive. So after the Normans, Saxons. Norwegians, Danes, Romans, old uncle Rud Kipling and all had strolled in and dispossessed the previous "indigenous" inhabitants, Jimmy's ancestors decided they were the real deal, and anyone later was FOREIGN. Best not to mention the Hanoverians, or Prince Philip (a Greek) - Jimmy would be demanding the royals all be sent packing. Oh wait, no, there's something about those "non-indigenous" people that sets them apart from Jimmy's "creatures" and "animals", isn't there?

SO - I was wrong to claim I hadn't said it: but dead right that Jimmy was, and still is, a racist. Nothing to do with his views on Islam: it's his views on the innate superiority of white British over the rest that gains him that accolade. Here is a bit of my last comment:

Like it or not (and I’d say not) this country belongs to the “pathetic things" as well as to the rest of us, so they won’t be going anywhere.

And here is Jimmy's response:

And, btw, I do not accept that we should accept these “pathetic things” who mean to destroy western civilisation. You do. Clearly. A sign of your weakness and your inability to understand, not mine.

Ah, yes, my acceptance of non-whites as British shows that I just don't get it. Thank God for that. As long as Jimmy is describing this blog as a "little hell-hole of half-truths" I know I'm doing something worthwhile to fight those who REALLY mean to destroy western civilisation.


At 07 February, 2011 15:20, Anonymous Stan said...

Your "Jimmy" rants are not really worth commenting on but in the interests of fairness I feel compelled to point out once again that BlairSupporter's remarks against the "thugs" "creatures" and "animals" were directed exclusively against those Muslim extremists who indulge in their sport of "suicide bombing" or inciting others to to the same. How would you describe them? Upstanding examples of all that is fine and noble about the human race?

At 08 February, 2011 06:05, Blogger Rob said...

Um. I don't recall any suicide bombers at the Remembrance ceremony, just some noisy protestors. I don't have a problem with "pathetic" for them (and if they really did have any connection to suicide or other terrorists then "disgraces to humanity" would work for me.

Jimmy's dehumanizing approach may make it easier for him (and you) to hate people, but animals don't commit murder or any other crimes, not being equipped with knowledge of right and wrong. I prefer not to let killers off the hook so easily: murder is murder.

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