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Friday, January 07, 2011

Good News and Sad News

The sad news is that Gerry Rafferty has died.

Here's my favourite of his many brilliant songs:

And another one from earlier in his career (despite the captions it's from a solo album not a Humblebums one):

The good news is that Richard Thompson has been awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours List. Good to have our greatest living rock guitarist (also one of our best songwriters and a pivotal figure in the development of English folk-rock) receiving official recognition, not just as a great musician but a real contributor to Britain's musical soundscape for more than forty years. And it does no harm to have a positive news story about a British Muslim (what? they're not all Arabs and Asians?) to counter the constant chatter of conspiracy-theory bilge spewed out by Uncle Jimmy and his chums. Here is his take on Islam as currently practised. Nothing there for anyone reasonable to disagree with (though I'm as wary of 9/11 conspiracy theories as I am of global caliphate ones, and am not about to convert to Islam myself any time soon).

Here he is casting a critical eye (and musical ear) over the fundamentalist crazies:

Here he is doing Wall of Death:

And here on Turning of the Tide he shows what he can do on his own with just an acoustic guitar:

Finally, here he is with his then wife Linda, doing probably my favourite of all his songs.

Let's round off with a great Gerry Rafferty song featuring Richard Thompson on guitar: