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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fair trials for all (even Tony Blair)

Jimmy's current rant as he gathers his strength again after the relentless licking of Tony Blair's boots over the past few days' worth of posting (but fair's fair - one would expect no less given the title of his blog) is about Control Orders and how the BBC (see? the BIASED BBC again) reported on them. The only comment I want to make is on Jimmy's whingeing about

our high hurdles of legal proof, which as we know, or if we don't we should, attracts characters from all over the world, since they know that in Britain they can get away with murder, and/or the incitement of murder

and his sarcastic appending of


to the list of crimes of which the eight subjects of COs are under suspicion.

This from someone who never misses an opportunity to remind us that Tony Blair is not guilty of any crime until he has been tried and convicted on the basis of proper evidence. In which he and I are entirely in agreement. Where we disagree is that I believe that if a suitable charge could be framed (not a foregone conclusion - it would need to be one that would stick, after all) then Slippery Tone should indeed be brought to trial. If the evidence held up then he would deserve conviction and punishment: if not, that would be the end of the matter (well, for me at least). Why would he not want that?

Anyway, Jimmy believes in the principle of "no guilt without trial" when it comes to his idol, but not for suspected terrorists. For them

EXTERNAL exile is the answer

Yes, well, "Send them back where they came from" has always been popular with some kinds of folk. Even when owing to the anonymity under which they are held we don't know how many of then "came" from anywhere except Britain. And if they're British (yes, yes, I know, suspected Muslim terrorists don't count as real indigenous Brits, they're just "creatures", but work with me here) how do you "exile" them? Drop them out of a plane at 30,000 ft? Tie them to paving slabs and drop them in the Thames? Order up that nice fumigant stuff the Czechs still make?

Perhaps what Jimmy has in mind is sending them all to the Falklands. If these guys are as wicked as Jimmy (on no actual evidence of course) believes, what have the Falklanders done to deserve them?

Not thanks, Jim: I'd rather stick with the tried and tested British method of...well., trying and testing. Our general reluctance as a nation to go in for imprisonment without any intention of trial is what sets us apart (IMHO) from the likes of Iran, Haiti, Zimbabwe, China and the like. And if Tony Blair doesn't like that, he can go and live somewhere else. Oh, wait, he does.


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