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Sunday, January 30, 2011

An example of the feral press telling vicious lies about innocent victims

As I don't read the Daily Mail I nearly missed one of the week's big stories. Melanie "Mad Mel" Phillips posted this extraordinary homophobic rant back on Monday. (And "homophobic" is the precisely accurate description: Mel is terrified that gays are taking over Britain, though how she squares that with her oft-stated belief that we're all living under Sharia Law is a little hard to follow.)

My attention was drawn to the story by this spoof in the Daily Mash.

Any pretence that her article had even a distant connection with facts is demolished, first by Tabloid Watch and then here by Andy McSmith.

For a response to her gay-despising sentiments rather than simply a catalogue of her stupid lies, see Johann Hari in the Independent. For a humorous rather than an angry response, go here.

Mel's rant was one of the most-tweeted stories of the week. Another was the failure of Brenda Namigadde's appeal against being deported to Uganda where she will (not might, will) be murdered for being a lesbian. The story is covered here along with the murder of David Kato in Uganda for being gay.

In a response to the criticism of her article on Twitter, Ms Phillips wrote

“I have nothing against gay people and would always defend them against true prejudice........as I often do when considering the threat posed to them by radical Islamism."

I suspect the reason for Mel's total silence on the cases of both David Kato and Breenda Namigadde - at a time when some support for them might have demonstrated that she is not, in fact, a raging homophobic bigot but would genuinely defend gays against true prejudice - is that their persecutors are not radical Muslims but Roman Catholics. As Mel's article demonstrated, when Muslims are involved she's all for gay rights, but when the bigotry comes from so-called Christians it's just fine to murder gays in the name of religion.

One has to ask whether there is a single human rights issue on which Melanie Phillips has ever taken the side of the victims rather than the perpetrators. Any suggestions?


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