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Friday, January 07, 2011

Coptic Christians and Muslims - Surprise No. 1

I guess you will all have seen the reports of the murder of 21 Coptic Christians in Alexandria on New Year's Eve. The suicide bomb attack had all the hallmarks of an attack by Islamic terrorists, possibly "al-Qaida in Iraq" who have claimed responsibility for previous attacks on Egyptian Copts. It is good to note that not only did all Egypt's main Muslim leaders condemn the attack in vigorous terms, even the Muslim Brotherhood said that no religion in the world could condone it. President Mubarak, referring to the fact that the dead incuded Muslims as well as Christians, said:

"This act of terrorism shook the country's conscience, shocked our feelings and hurt the hearts of Muslim and Coptic Egyptians. The blood of their martyrs in Alexandria mixed to tell us all that all Egypt is the target and that blind terrorism does not differentiate between a Copt and a Muslim...... This sinful act is part of a series of efforts to drive a wedge between Copts and Muslims, but Allah has aborted the plotters' plans and turned it against them. We are all in this together and will face up to terrorism and defeat it."

Unsurprising, that that the Coptic Christian community was very nervous as Christmas approached. Like many African Christians, the Copts operate according to the Orthodox calendar so celebrate Christmas on January 6th. (A difference which famously led to a gobsmacked Bob Geldof climbing out of a plane in Sudan or somewhere similar in the January just after Band Aid had topped the charts, to be met by Christians celebrating Christmas. Why no newspaper had Does He Know Its Christmas? as a headline I will never understand.) The Christians were worried that Muslims might try to carry out more violent acts.

Well, Egypt's Muslims turned up in their thousands for the Christmas celebrations. Not to disrupt them, but to act as human shields to protect them.

Expect to hear a deafening silence from the Islamophobes about this example of Muslims not only tolerating other religions but risking their lives for them. When it was just a story of Christians murdered by Islamic terror they were of course all over it. Some, like Uncle Jimmy, even criticised the BBC for reporting that the 21 dead included 8 Muslims as well as 13 Christians: because dead Arabs are only interesting if they're Christians.

Truly, love came down at Christmas.

UPDATE: Uncle Jimmy has noticed - and praised - the actions of the Muslims. Sadly he didn't do so in his post on the Salman Taseer assassination or one of his other ones on Islamic violence, but buried it right at the end as a "Related" matter) in a post which was simply a puff piece for Tony Blair and his International Academy in Sierra Leone. As a result I suspect most of Jimmy's readers probably missed it: perhaps they were meant to. But there we are. Now let's see who else reports it.


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