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Monday, January 24, 2011


Uncle Jimmy may be an Islamophobe but he only sometimes steps over the line and posts remarks that are actually racist. His jolly chums over at Bare Naked Islam (when I Googled it, even I was surprised at how many links he's posted to them since he discovered them back in the autumn) show no such restraint. Not only do they generally lard their hate speech against Muslims with pretty intense anti-immigrant, anti-Arab (though they're so stupid they think Pakistanis are Arabs), anti-woman (funny, I thought it was the Muslims who were supposed to have no respect for women?), homophobic (but isn't it Muslims who hate gays?), even anti-European invective (if they forget, the commenters invariably do so), sometimes they leave out the anti-Muslim bits and just go for the niggers and the Jews.

For example here*, where electing a black president of the USA is "putting lipstick on a monkey". (* This one is actually at a similar site which I reached via one of many links there from BNI: Muslims Are Terrorists. A thoroughly delightful site (/sarcasm) which actually seems more interested in slandering the President of the USA than in anything to do with Islamic terrorism (mind you, if it restricted itself to actual Islamic terrorism, what would the blog do for material?) . POTUS is variously described as the "nigger Muslim", "nigger bastard", "Osama", "Kenyan-born dictator", "Hussein the Muslim terrorist" and the like. Clearly a site dedicated to true American values, and the folk at Bare Naked Islam lap it up (after all, they usually refer to the President as the "Muslim-in-Chief"). At least Jimmy hasn't linked to MAT....yet.)

Or here, where a wicked Jew financier who controls the world's economy is shown working President Obama like a puppet.

Or here, where they say

I will be so happy to see Jon Stewart (the Jew) beheaded on Hollywood Blvd when the Muslims take over.

And they're perfectly open about lying. See here, where the headline

PHEW! Shari’a Law outlaws suicide as an expression of anger or protest

is immediately followed by the sub-heading

But doing it as a way to kill infidels is just fine

Yet the very first sentence of the post itself reads (my highlighting)

Al Masryalyoum –In a statement issued late Tuesday, Egypt’s Al-Azhar university said that Islam strictly prohibits suicide for any reason, and those who recently attempted suicide by setting themselves on fire might be suffering from a mental or psychological disorder that compelled them to do so.

So let's see: this is a site catering for America-bashing Europhobe white supremacist anti-semites with an attention span which doesn't run to twenty words.

I'm sorry, but every time Uncle Jimmy posts an approving link to such a site, or posts a comment correcting then about the relationship of Lauren Booth to Tony Blair without showing any sign of discomfort at the earlier comment stating that

The tick is a parasite and it spreads lyme disease.

Islam is a disease spread by parasites!

and then links that piece on his own blog - every time, his plaintive bleating that

I am no racist, never have been and never will be. Falling back on that argument against someone who is not exactly convinced that Islam is a good thing is churlish, and I’m sick of your juvenile claptrap.

sounds less and less credible. He may be better than they are, but by giving them encouragement he shows his heart to be in a very similar place.


At 27 January, 2011 16:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

muslim lover! You should burn in hell with the terrorists!

At 28 January, 2011 12:10, Blogger Rob said...

Anonymous_Coward, you forgot "nigger lover", "Jew lover" and "faggot lover" in your haste to add more exclamation marks. It is, however, gratifying to know that I spoiled a neo-Nazi's day. It must hurt having to read posts by folk who admire America and American values when you hate them so much.

Sadly, your request regarding my future cannot be processed at this time owing to the largely imaginary nature of the "terrorists" and the wholly imaginary nature of "Hell".

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