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Friday, December 24, 2010

Bare Naked Racism

Uncle Jimmy is a strange mixture. He posted recently about how little modern comedy he found funny, especially satire, and while disagreeing on some points of detail I found myself broadly in sympathy. Hell, I pinched his Larry Griswold link.


As part of the post he linked, without criticism, to one of the most obnoxiously racist (not simply Islamophobic but downright white supremacist) sites it has ever been my misfortune to encounter. I posted a comment, not expecting him to change his Islamophobic spots, but thinking he might at least accept that the post to which he linked (describing President Obama as the "Muslim-in-Chief") was wide of the mark. But no, he avoided the question and simply reiterated his tired old Tea-Party smears that Obama isn't really a valid US president because - according to a few crazies - he was born in Kenya, or somewhere other than, you know, Hawaii. (Of course, the real reason why Obama can't be a proper US president is that he's the wrong colour. )

Anyway, back to Jimmy's chums over at barenakedislam. What do you think, folks? Jimmy always claims he's no racist: it just "isn't in his DNA". (And we all know the importance of pure unsullied DNA....) He claims he doesn't hate Muslims, just Muslim extremists. So why does he link without apology to a site which describes the New York Muslim Day Parade as "DISGUSTING! OUTRAGEOUS! ASS-IN-THE-AIR MUSLIMS soiling the streets of Manhattan."? Which reports on NY Mayor Bloomberg's support for construction of the Park 51 Center as "JEWS like Mayor 'Dhimmi' Bloomberg who supported Hitler"? (Oh no, it's not just Muslims they hate over there.)

Or how about this delightful post? Clearly these folk aren't anti-Muslim, they;re just concerned with the threat to our way of life from Islalic terrorism, right? Or the post where they call for donations for the defence fund of a US soldier (and disgrace to his country) facing life for murder after shooting an Afghan prisoner (and opine that he should get a medal for bravely facing down an unarmed guy in handcuffs - so much more moral than the kind of killing the Taliban does). How about the one where they refer to Congressman Keith Ellison (D - Minnesota)(or "Minnesotastan") as "MUSLIM Congressman, who took his oath of office on a filthy Qur'an"? Or (because nothing says "defending the rights of women" like gratuitous sexism) this post?

Or best of all for exposing Jimmy's supposedly non-racist hypocrisy, "All the reasons one needs to BAN MUSLIMS from the West. If you think only so-called 'radical' Muslims/terrorists are the problem, just listen to these Muslim women. Muslims are the new Black Plague of Europe."

So, Jimmy, here;s what you do. You come out and state openly that you don't support the guys who run barenakedislam, and that you oppose everything they stand for in the way you claim you do for the BNP. Otherwise let's forget the "Islamic extremism" bollocks and accept that you just want Muslims, and anyone who looks as though they might be part of the Muslim "black plague"), thrown out of "your" (ha! when did you last meet a Brit who thought Obama was a Muslim?) lovely whites-only Britain.


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