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Monday, December 13, 2010

On the matter of the weather #2

Hilary and I were up at the Ballater flat at the weekend and spent a happy afternoon on Saturday snowshoeing near Balmoral with our god-daughter and her mother.

I don't have any handy pictures from last weekend (they're still on Hilary's camera) but here are a couple of me in my snowshoes (in Ballater) from a year ago. Great fun, and much undervalued as a means of transportation even in a country full of skiers. Or perhaps especially in a country full of skiers? The snow doesn't need to be very deep before the ability to walk across it without sinking a foot or so into it becomes welcome. Our snowshoes are the kind one finds in European ski resorts (we bought ex-hire ones in Saint Sorlin) while our companions had the American kind (bought in Vail). Ours are rather heavier but have a better binding arrangement. None of them resembles the cliche of tennois rackets tied to the feet (though our friend does have a pair of the Native American kind on her living-room wall - which do).


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