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Monday, December 27, 2010

Jimmitude - a new word for Hypocrisy

In his comment on this post, Uncle Jimmy accuses me of "stalking" him. I prefer to think of it as keeping an eye on a particularly nasty and vicious threat to the British way of life.

Here is Uncle Jimmy in a comment on a post over on his blog:

"You can plead all you like that the foolish infidels or kafirs (like me, presumably?) don’t understand Islam or are “always againsts it.” At least the second part of that contention is UNTRUE. Personally I cared as little about ANY religion as I cared about garden gnomes until very recently. I certainly wasn’t against Islam, as you seem to be contending. People like you, so convinced in your certainties and the countless, almost daily attacks on Muslims and non-Muslims have made me look at this religion far more seriously. THAT is why I am now concerned about it. If people want to be Muslims, and those I know seem perfectly normal balanced people, that’s fine with me. If they want to subscribe to a politicised religion which aims to make my democratic country into some kind of religious non-democratic CALIPHATE where Allah’s (Sharia) Law rules OK, that’s NOT OK."

Which might sound reasonable. Well, paranoid and terrified, but he makes himself sound as though he doesn't have anything against Islam or Muslims in general. I mean, he says "If people want to be Muslims, and those I know seem perfectly normal balanced people, that’s fine with me." And we have to believe him. Don't we?

Er, no, we don't actually. Let's go and take a look at the post under which this comment appears. A word of warning: if the barenakedislam site made you feel ill, this post of Jimmy's (more accurately this post which Jimmy has lovingly copied in its entirety from another filth site) will make you puke.

So if it's only those Muslims whose religion is politicised that Jimmy hates, I repeat the question for which he banned me(I forget exactly how I worded the original) : which un-politicised paedophiles and non-extreme committers of human sacrifice is he happy to co-exist with?

Oh, and we have also to believe that


Aye, right. So committed to free speech is Jimmy that he has posted calls for George Monbiot to be locked up for life (no trial of course) for expressing the opinion that Tony Blair should be put on trial, and for John Pilger and all other opponents of the Iraq war to be incarcerated in psychiatric wards. Free speech is for Geert Wilders, for the EDL, and for people running hate sites like the ones he links to so freely. Not for people he disagrees with.

But wait! What's this? "I cannot and will not argue for WILDERS’ freedom of speech while supporting the banning of such as Choudary’s henchmen". Uncle Jimmy supports freedom of speech for Anjem Choudary, his favourite Muslim-on-a-stick? (Choudary is a favourite of far right Islamophobes, who sweep under the rug the inconvenient fact that he has been disowned by just about every Muslim organisation in Britain and plenty elsewhere. If he didn't exist, they would undoubtedly have invented him.)

Well, freedom of speech maybe, but only for his last words. Writing about Choudary in this post, Jimmy says

Stamp him and his like out of our country, before he stamps us out.

His like? Muslims? Political opponents? Persons of Asian descent? And what does our fine American racist friend mean by OUR country? His kind haven't taken it over yet (and you can take that to mean Americans or neo-Nazi filth, whichever you prefer).

A final aside so we can leave giggling at Jimmy rather than wishing him harm: it's the season of goodwill, and God sent Jesus to save us all, even hypocritical racist scumbags. Maybe especially hypocritical racist scumbags (and for the atheists, the message of A Christmas Carol is surely also that nobody is too far gone in evil to be redeemed, by his own efforts if not by those of the Galilean chappy.) In that last post I linked, Jimmy takes on of his regular shots at Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty. Now Ms Chakrabarti was born in London, so arguably has better British credentials than the apparently American Uncle Jimmy. But let's humour the old fake for a second and remember that he claims to be a Scot, from Glasgow no less. Now read on:

That silly Shame of Chakrabarti woman espouses that facile argument all the time. (Btw, she irritates me greatly – and sorry if this sounds un-PC – but who the hell does she think she is to lecture US about the Magna Carta? MY ancestors probably helped compile it!)

Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy..... You Americans are always getting mixed up between England and Scotland, aren't you? At the time King John of England (House of Plantagenet) was putting his stamp on Magna Carta, the King of Scotland (quite a separate country) was Alexander II (House of Dunkeld). I don't think there would have been too many Scottish nobles at Runnymede, all those hundreds of miles to the South, seeing as the Scots were busy that year invading England and sacking Berwick. (Look it up: it's near Scotland.) It's about as likely your "Scottish" ancestors helped compile Magna Carta (assuming they were both literate and noble in the first place) as it is that some other "European" ancestor of yours helped with the Koran. It doesn't even form part of the law up here in "your" Scotland, dickwit: never did.

For that matter, when did Ms Chakrabarti ever lecture anyone on Magna Carta? Was she perhaps worried lest a member of the D'Athée family had become a royal officer? or that the royal family is still holding hostages from the nobility? Had she been petitioned by a disseised Welshman? If she suggested that people should not be punished by the state without due legal process, I doubt very much whether it was Clause 39 of the Runnymede Charter she was relying on. (You want lecture? I give lecture!)

Jimmy: before you start waxing eloquent about the history of countries you've probably never even visited, at least do the basic research. Now - exit Jimmy, to gales of derisive - and British - laughter.


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