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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Homo sum, et nihil humanum alienum a me puto

Uncle Jimmy on Roshonara Choudhry, convicted of the attempted murder of Stephen Timms MP :

The day we work out how we can deport these creatures born in Britain or not – those who attempt murder or incite it on free British citizens - I’ll cheer even louder for the courts AND for the lawmaking politicians who enforce it by law.

Clear ‘em out – get ‘em out. Britain is NOT for her or for them. Nor should our money be available to keep them inside our prisons, where they are likely to hone their jihadist skills even more.

Ms Choudhry is British, born in East Ham (so probably more British than Uncle Jimmy). So we can't "send her back where she came from", can we? So where would we "get her out" to? Oh, wait, she's a "creature" (but then we're all God's creatures, are we not?) And if we mustn't spend money on keeping her in jail, there's only one solution: one that begins with a hiss of gas or a bullet in the back of the head.

And is murder somehow worse when it's attempted on a "free British citizen" than if a mere brown-skinned Muslim "creature" (or a Swedish tourist, or an Israeli politician, or Geert Wilders, or Uncle Jimmy himself) were the intended victim? Jimmy seems to think so. I disagree: murder is murder, whoever is the victim and whoever the perpetrator.

Jimmy hates the Guardian because it moderates his hate speech out of its comments. Or, as he puts it, "They can’t cope with those of us who believe in democracy and who DON’T accept Muslim victimisation as a reason for attacking OUR people". And who would OUR people be then Jim? Not Muslims, clearly, no matter how British they are. I'd hazard a guess that Hindus, Sikhs and Jews aren't in there either: just nice white Christians. He probably also hates its sister newspaper the Observer, which publishes pieces like the one to which I linked on Halloween, because they remind us of where the journey ends that begins with referring to one group of human beings as "creatures" and another as "our people".

I'm British: all my fellow-Britons are MY people (even Tony Blair). I'm European: all my fellow-Europeans are MY people (even Geert Wilders). But mostly, I'm a human being, and all my fellow human beings are my people. Even Uncle Jimmy. And if he doesn't like that, he can fuck off back to the States.


At 04 December, 2010 12:13, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

Still stalking me, eh?

I repeat, since you are evidently too dull to take it in the first time, or several, I said it:

I am no racist - never have been, never will be. Just isn't in my DNA.

I did not say "send her back where she came from" -

I said just get her out of here. I think you will find that MOST people (as the WE ALL KNOWERS like yourself like to say on other matters) are with me on this.

Choudry is a creature, as far as I am concerned. If you try to kill someone you are worse than a creature. Creatures kill for food. Creatures like her do it for "higher" reasons. Allah's will. Or so they tell us.

It is true we cannot banish ALL murderers to another land. But everyday, common-or-garden murderers do not make it their life's task to kill the indigenous people of Britain - non-Muslims AND Muslims who don't agree with their brand of racist fundamentalism.

You really need to learn more about the threat this country is facing, and the reasons why. You, personally, are one of the reasons why.

Anjem Choudary is another creature who should be banished for inciting murder and jihad against his fellow-countrymen. He'd be dead by now in his familial land of origin if he tried it there.

The fact that they are both fundamentalist Muslims is not necessarily co-incidental, but perhaps indicative of something. Something whose links and dots are invisible to your naive eye.

I'm not from the states, btw. But Glasgow, Scotland, like it or not. So I'm effing off nowhere.

I know you're hanging on my every post which "SEEMS" to you to criticise all Muslims. It never does, of course. But the blind see what the blind want to see.

I have a couple of posts in the pipeline that'll get you going, I'm sure. Right now, it's only about the desperate state of some of our politicians this week.

Sorry, no fuel to enrage your desperate thirst for ammo. YET.

But there will be. Soon.

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