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Monday, December 06, 2010

Colour me unconvinced

Uncle Jimmy's protestations (in a comment on this post) that he really is British - Glaswegian even - would sound much more convincing if he hadn't prominently titled a recent post "Cherie’s eBay bookplate & the dimwitted, freedom-hating British".

Note that he didn't restrict that to any subset of us dimwitted freedom-haters. Not the English, or the Scots, or the Muslims even. No, we're all dimwits and freedom haters because we're British. Not like him.

I don't know whether Jimmy is an American, though it's still my best guess. Given his views he could be from anywhere that hates Britain and democract: perhaps he's from Zimbabwe. In which case he can fuck off back there, or to somewhere whose ideas of freedom and intelligence are more in tune with his own elevated standards. just "throw him out" if he doesn't like it here.

More from his comment:

It is true we cannot banish ALL murderers to another land. But everyday, common-or-garden murderers do not make it their life's task to kill the indigenous people of Britain - non-Muslims AND Muslims who don't agree with their brand of racist fundamentalism.

Point one: Roshanara Choudhry hasn't murdered anyone. She attempted to murder Stephen Timms. She's no more a "murderer" than Tony Blair is a "war criminal". (Actually less: he could in principle be put on trial for war crimes, while she can't be tried for murdering someine who survived her attack.)

Point Two: Jimmy clearly thinks that killing someone (or trying) because you disagree with their politics (her "justification" was apparently the Iraq war), or indeed for reasons of religious fundamentalism or racism, is different in degree from killing them for some other reason. So Roshonara Choudhry must be "thrown out" while he sees no problem in "keeping in" such pleasant white folks as Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Peter Sutcliffe, Harold Shipman and so on.

Point Three: did you spot that "indgenous people of Britain" in there? Stephen Timms is white, ergo indigneous. Roshonara Choudhry is a British Asian, ergo some kind of lesser "creature".

I repeat, since you are evidently too dull to take it in the first time, or several, I said it:

I am no racist - never have been, never will be. Just isn't in my DNA.

See above. You know, that one is even less convincing than the pretence that he's British.

You really need to learn more about the threat this country is facing, and the reasons why. You, personally, are one of the reasons why.

The main threat this country is facing is from neo-fascists like the BNP, EDL and the like, all of whom receive regular support in Jimmy's blog (Jimmy was comparing the BNP favourably with the East London Mosque only yesterday). But if Jimmy wishes to consider me a threat to him and his racist chums, I shall wear that badge with very great pride indeed.