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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Browning Version

My last post may have confused Uncle Jimmy totally. Not because it mocks his beloved Toe-Nibbler, but because his English isn't very good and he will undoubtedly have got the wrong end of the stick.

Jimmy is like Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking-Glass:

'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.'

In the comments thread under this post there is an exchange between me and Jimmy. Here are the parts to which I want to refer just now (but do read the whole thing if you want another good belly-laugh at Jimmy's medieval mindset). My comments in red, UJ's in blue. The bits I want to concentrate on emboldened.

Adrian Tudway, the national co-ordinator for domestic extremism, told the Observer: “We look at the extreme right and left, but currently our biggest single area of business are the various groups which call themselves defence leagues. These defence leagues can be found across England.”

That’s probably why the police arrest more EDL thugs than “anti-fascists”: because unlike you and Tony B, they consider them and not Muslim bogeymen to be the main extremist threat facing British society.

Muslims know about fascism for the same reason that Jews do: because they are its victims. These days there are far more racially/religiously motivated attacks on British Muslims than on British Jews, and the pattern is being repeated all across Europe thanks to the efforts of your idol Geert Wilders and his fellow Euronazis.

As for police permission to demonstrate (and in a supposedly free country why should anyone have to ask permission?) both the EDL and MAF obtain clearance sometimes, and sometimes they “…arrive unannounced and neither the police or the scum will know any details’.

And I’m proud to say that a good many more decent British people than just the members of Muslims Against Fascism oppose the racist thuggery of the EDL and the other “defence leagues”.

Incidentally I noticed you having a go over at KTBFPM at people wearing masks at demonstrations or elsewhere. You get double points for simultaneously attacking student demonstrators AND Muslim grannies and young mums in their veils, but score own goals regarding the Cross-of-St-George-masked EDL gangs as well as the visors and (often) the gas masks of the police. (And if the SAS should ever called in to deal with real terrorism, well, rather you than me when it comes to ripping off the balaclavas of Hereford’s finest!)

As inviarably (you seldom disappoint) you miss and/or twist the point, Rob.

My point being that we have allowed Muslim extremists to go on attacking verbally and by terror attacks and attempts while we seldom charge them with being violent or violence-inducing. YET – when something called the EDL (and I am not a supporter) chooses to “defend” its own country (whether rightly or wrongly – whichever – they do NOT murder or incite it) THEY somehow are beyond the pale.

These double-standards should be highlighted.

They are indicative of crazies.

And I will continue to highlight those who propagate such double standards.

As for the masks/hoods – YES! Absolutely. I am against the sort of mask or hood or BURKHA – GOT IT!? – that hides one’s indentity. It is not the British way. Or at least it never was until fundamentalists like yourself wrecked the British way.

Now how about actually addressing my points? Muslims Against Fascism do not carry out terror attacks as well you know ( though several EDL members have firebombed mosques and other buildings). So are you saying they should be locked up for “verbal attacks”? Where’s that commitment to free speech you roll put whenever Geert Wilders wants to have a Nazi rally here? And am I to take it that you agree that the police and the EDL thugs should not be allowed to hide their faces? Or do you just want to bully a few Muslim women into conformity with your dress code?

I didn’t know I was a fundamentalist. You must tell me what kind I am: I’d hate to miss out on the fun. As to wrecking the British way, YOUR “British way” was comprehensively wrecked by that nice Mr Churchill (not just a statue, also a doughty opponent of your kind of political utopia). I think the real British way is perfectly safe in BRITISH hands. Not Dutch, not Israeli, not American, and not Iranian either. Sorry to disappoint you.

You ARE a fundamentalist, Rob, though of course you don’t realise it. You fundamentally detest and resent Tony Blair. And you fundamentally support anything Muslim. Both without question.

I question both my support for one at times, and my suspicion of the other. You never do. You are one of the blessed We All Knowers.

You fundamentally believe you are ALWAYS right, Even though, as far as I can see, you are invariably wrong.

We could have some fun here sending each other to watch reports and videos which PROVE our own positions on the Muslims Against Fascism mob and the EDL gang. It’ll prove nothing to either you nor me.

It’s news to those who voted for Wilders that he is a ‘Nazi’. But he is, of course. Rob said he is, so he must be.

What I am saying is that while we let the extremely MAD and frankly EVIL yell “Kill the British Invaders”/ “Muslims Will Take over Buckingham Palace”/ “The Islamic Flag Will Fly Over Downing Street” rants go unsanctioned we have no right to stop EDL members saying what they wish to say.


Too simple for your mixed-up brain to fathom.

If you can, please explain what Churchill wrecked. Can hardly wait. It’ll all be helpful to let us decipher in which ways you really ARE fundamentalist.

I suppose it’s a relief to find out that this is something Blair didn’t wreck: Britain. It was already wrecked by Churchill.

A fundamentalist, Rob, said so. So it must be true.


Are you smoking what Peter’s smoking?

Ah, right. Because I dislike Tony Blair and his destruction of the Labour Party I’m a “fundamentalist”. You Yanks really do have trouble with the language sometimes. I look forward to hearing about how I “support anything Muslim without question”. No, on second thoughts don’t bother: that will be because I didn’t support Blair over Iraq, obviously.

Those who vote for Wilders and the other Euronazis are perfectly clear on what they are supporting, and so are you. What Churchill wrecked was the threat to British values and lives from European fascism, a threat you choose not simply to ignore but to collaborate with.

I have no problem with letting the EDL say whatever they want (or indeed Wilders, though I don’t see why we should let him come to Britain to say it, any more than we permit Muslim hate-spouters unrestricted entry). However, unlike your good self they don’t generally restrict themselves to spewing out verbal attacks but resort to violence and intimidation. Not very British but entirely consistent with their Mosleyite forebears.

First of all, any reader who can find evidence of my "supporting anything Muslim without question" should let me know at once, because I'm damned if I can find any suggestion to that effect either here or on any of my other online presences (or anywhere else). Likewise, any reader who can find evidence of Jimmy's questioning either his unswerving support for Tony Blair, or his visceral loathing of Islam and Muslims, is encouraged to post it in the comments here.

But seriously folks: I'm a "fundamentalist" because I "fundamentally detest and resent Tony Blair"? What cracked use of the English language is that? One might as well say that Jimmy is a teapot because he spoutingly hates non-whites. Anyway, as Labour's share of the vote plunged throughout Blair's time iin office, and most polls suggested that their biggest liability was him, by Jimmy's reckoning Blair converted Britain to a nation of fundamentalists. And within Jimmy's cracked meaning of the word, long may it remain so.

Another word Jimmy doesn't understand, and which leads him to some funny mistakes, is "fisking". Now most of my readers will have been around the blogosphere for some time and will be very familiar with fisking: they probably even know how it got its name. For those who don't, here is the back story. So fisking is something that was done to Robert Fisk rather than something he did. Hold that thought.

Let's take another journey to La-La Land, where President Blair has been recalled as PM even though he isn't an MP, and where all those pesky political parties have been banned and wicked dissenting voices silenced. Here we go.

Now in this post we see the following:

For those of you who are not familiar with Fisk, he is in a class of his own among European journalists when it comes to his hatred of America and Israel.In the www arena where the world speaks invisibly to itself, a new word has appeared: ‘fisking’, meaning the selection of evidence solely in order to bolster preconceptions and prejudices. Just as cardigans or mackintoshes are named after an inventive individual, so fisking derives from the work of Robert Fisk, the Middle East correspondent of the Independent, stationed these many years in Beirut.

LOL. With a big side order of ROFL.

To be fair to Uncle Jimmy, most of this post is of course not original but (as is usual with Jimmy) wholly copied from some other writer. As is also usual it's a bit of a puzzle piece working out which bits were written by whom, but it would seem that Jimmy has copied his American's Guide To English Usage from another American, Tom Gross. And if you follow the link to Gross's site, he in turn has copied the whole thing from one David Pryce-Jones. (Gross has of course added various remarks about Robert Fisk of his own. I find it especially hilarious that he actually quotes the remark about Fisk being beaten up by the Taliban which was the genesis of actual "fisking". )

So who are these geniuses, pontificating about Robert Fisk without apparently being very familiar with either his work or earlier criticisms of him? These journalistic giants whose sub-editors are either so lazy or so cowed by their masters' reputations that they fail to notice when the Great Men write entire articles about how Robert Fisk has become a byword for something or other when they haven't the faintest clue what it is? (For the dangers of this approach one need only read Robert Browning's poem Pippa Passes.) Well, David Pryce-Jones is a self-styled expert on the Arab world who studied history under, or more accurately screamed abuse at, AJP Taylor, and who appears to be connected to about half of the City of London's grandees. This is the "eminent scholar" on whom Tom Gross relies for his material on Robert Fisk: because nothing says finger-on-the-pulse-of-the-blogosphere like a septuagenarian Rothschild who was literary editor of the Spectator 45 years ago.

And who then is Gross Tom, the piggy in the middle in this bacon sandwich? Just another rent-a-mouth seeing anti-Semites under every bed, it would appear. Actually it's worse: as well as penning racist articles castigating all Palestinians as "terrorists", and telling Rachel Corrie's parents that they shouldn't make such a fuss about their murdered daughter because she wasn't Jewish, Gross was one of the loudest noises in the propagation of the "Roots Restaurant" myth. This was Israeli government propagandists' attempt to portray Gaza as a paradise on Earth where nobody was suffering because of Operation Cast Lead and the ongoing blockade. The Zionist liars must be kicking themselves that the footage they used to show this luxurious restaurant carelessly included Mahmoud Abbas and a Fatah henchman dining there. But why would Hamas's enemies have been allowed into Gaza? The footage was shot in 2005, that's why, before the Israeli blockade and bombing. Not that this stopped Gross from basing several articles on it "proving" that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It would be no more dishonest to show pictures of Auschwitz before the Nazis built the extermination camps there, and to use them to "prove" that the camps were a wicked invention of the Jews. As far as I am aware Gross has never apologised for his vile lies, which makes him no more a journalist than Pryce-Jones is a scholar.

And it is to these semi-literate racists and buffoons that Jimmy turns to provide "evidence" for his views that we're all under threat from wicked Moooslims.

Now the link in my last post to the review of Blair's book used "fisking" in its usual sense, as in "going through Blair's drivel line by line pointing up the lies in it". Jimmy, as recently as December 22nd, still believes it to mean something bad Robert Fisk does. And you know the funniest thing of all? If you Google all occurrences of "fisking" at Jimmy's blog, there are several in between the Tom Gross post and the December 2010 one in which he quotes the correct definition of "fisking". So as well as not writing his own posts, he doesn't even read them. A blog with an obsolete title, a pseudonymous owner who neither writes nor reads the rubbish he posts: perhaps while my readers are at it they can suggest what they think the point of Keep Tony Blair For PM might possibly be.


At 28 December, 2010 17:22, Anonymous Black Sheep said...

"These days there are far more racially/religiously motivated attacks on British Muslims than on British Jews, and the pattern is being repeated all across Europe"

That's the best news I've heard in a long time.

At 29 December, 2010 03:21, Blogger Rob said...

Hi, Sheep. Just visited your blog. Jesus came to save even homophobic trolls who get off on religious persecution Happy Christmas!

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